Translation of jolt in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /dʒəʊlt//dʒɒlt//dʒoʊlt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    the cart jolted along the path el carro iba traqueteando / dando tumbos por el camino
    • the train jolted, and I spilled my coffee el tren dio / pegó una sacudida y se me derramó el café

transitive verb

  • 1

    the sudden stop jolted me out of my seat el frenazo repentino me hizo salir disparado del asiento
    • she jolted his arm le movió el brazo
  • 2

    I was jolted by the sight ver aquello me sobresaltó
    • this jolted him out of his inertia esto lo sacudió, sacándolo de su inercia
    • the report jolted them into action el informe hizo que se dispusieran a actuar de inmediato


  • 1

    sacudida feminine
    she awoke with a jolt se despertó sobresaltada
    • share prices have come down with a jolt this week las acciones han dado un bajón esta semana
    • After the pond flashed by, Carlile stared out the window until the train jolted and huffed into the station.
    • He slapped the horses and the wagon jolted into motion.
    • After a few minutes the wagon jolted and moved on the track and then there was a sudden thud that almost made Bligh cry out in fright.
    • Suddenly their car jolted and there was a very bright light outside.
    • All of a sudden, the ship jolted from sided to side as if a wave had tried to push it over.
    • The ship suddenly jolted and an explosion occurred afterwards.
    • Suddenly, the bus jolted to a halt and his head crashed into the seat in front of him.
    • The bones in his arm jolted violently, causing him to retract, clutching it in pain.
    • I usually try to read on the trip home, but the way the train jolts around, you usually get thrown into people because there's nothing to hold onto.
    • The train jolts suddenly, stopping at a signal.
    • The three walked silently on for a few steps, when Dawn jolted suddenly.
    • He was about to sit down when he suddenly jolted up.
    • Vincent jolted backwards; the electricity hit him too.
    • She also expressed concerns about the safety of people standing up, especially disabled people and pregnant women, if the train suddenly jolted.
    • Tristyn screamed and jolted upward and moved her legs in a quick manner in an attempt to escape as quickly as possible.
    • The cab jolted to a violent stop and Rock sprang excitedly into the street.
    • Suddenly the train jolted to a stop and a bunch of armed men entered, forcing us off the train.
    • The sudden vibration of her phone caused her to jolt, earning an odd stare from the boy sitting next to her.
    • I thanked her with my eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep as the car jolted into motion.
    • Finally, the train jolted to a halt and the doors opened.
  • 2

    her death gave me quite a jolt su muerte me dejó impresionado / fue un golpe para mí
    • the news brought her back to earth with a jolt la noticia la hizo volver a la realidad de un golpe