Translation of jolt in Spanish:


Pronunciation /dʒɒlt//dʒoʊlt//dʒəʊlt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    the cart jolted along the path el carro iba traqueteando / dando tumbos por el camino
    • the train jolted, and I spilled my coffee el tren dio / pegó una sacudida y se me derramó el café
    • She also expressed concerns about the safety of people standing up, especially disabled people and pregnant women, if the train suddenly jolted.
    • The cab jolted to a violent stop and Rock sprang excitedly into the street.
    • Tristyn screamed and jolted upward and moved her legs in a quick manner in an attempt to escape as quickly as possible.
    • The bones in his arm jolted violently, causing him to retract, clutching it in pain.
    • Vincent jolted backwards; the electricity hit him too.
    • Suddenly, the bus jolted to a halt and his head crashed into the seat in front of him.
    • I usually try to read on the trip home, but the way the train jolts around, you usually get thrown into people because there's nothing to hold onto.
    • After a few minutes the wagon jolted and moved on the track and then there was a sudden thud that almost made Bligh cry out in fright.
    • The train jolts suddenly, stopping at a signal.
    • All of a sudden, the ship jolted from sided to side as if a wave had tried to push it over.
    • After the pond flashed by, Carlile stared out the window until the train jolted and huffed into the station.
    • The three walked silently on for a few steps, when Dawn jolted suddenly.
    • Suddenly their car jolted and there was a very bright light outside.
    • He slapped the horses and the wagon jolted into motion.
    • He was about to sit down when he suddenly jolted up.
    • Finally, the train jolted to a halt and the doors opened.
    • I thanked her with my eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep as the car jolted into motion.
    • Suddenly the train jolted to a stop and a bunch of armed men entered, forcing us off the train.
    • The sudden vibration of her phone caused her to jolt, earning an odd stare from the boy sitting next to her.
    • The ship suddenly jolted and an explosion occurred afterwards.

transitive verb

  • 1

    the sudden stop jolted me out of my seat el frenazo repentino me hizo salir disparado del asiento
    • she jolted his arm le movió el brazo
    • Bending down he took her hand gently, which caused an immediate shock of electricity that jolted her for a moment.
    • If it detects a life-threatening arrhythmia, on the other hand, it jolts the heart in an attempt to restore normal rhythm.
    • Damien stumbled back a few paces, caught by surprise and jolted by the force of the blow.
    • There was little damage but within 28 hours the city was jolted by 19 tremors.
    • He reached for the doorknob, but was suddenly jolted with a shock of electricity.
    • You could see the agony of it jolt his whole body and knock the last remnant of strength from his legs.
    • The blast jolted the tower, killing six people and causing millions of dollars of damage.
    • Ian twisted his body sideways and banged his hip into the frame of the chair, jolting the rear wheels over the edge of the curb.
    • They said that crew members told them the idea was to hit the tarmac with the gear on the left side to jolt the right gear loose.
    • I noticed the wedding presents still on the sofa so I took them upstairs, then on the way back down I slipped on the last step and jolted my back.
    • He obviously hadn't meant to jolt me that much, because his eyes lit in surprise, too, as he made every effort to catch me in return.
    • Phoenix planted his foot on the accelerator jolting the vehicle forward.
    • A striking pain jolted her as the shock moved over to pain in her leg.
    • The main quake and subsequent 20 aftershocks jolted major cities of Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.
    • The impact of the vehicle has jolted the whole house and the brickwork has moved by about 2cm, making it impossible to open a door in the kitchen.
    • Renae jolted her leg forward at him, kicking Trent's legs crossed on the floor.
    • A man was found dead beneath a landslide that followed a number of powerful aftershocks that jolted the island on Wednesday morning.
    • Mehna was jolted hard, as if she'd been electrocuted, and she felt herself dislodge from the tranquilizer.
    • If it detects an abnormally rapid heartbeat, it sends an electrical surge to a defibrillator coil and jolts the heart back into a normal rhythm.
    • Dakota was moving onto his second leaf when he was jolted roughly aside.
  • 2

    I was jolted by the sight ver aquello me sobresaltó
    • this jolted him out of his inertia esto lo sacudió, sacándolo de su inercia
    • the report jolted them into action el informe hizo que se dispusieran a actuar de inmediato
    • It is appealing in the way that independent thinking still has the power to appeal to us with the unexpected shock of the cold water that jolts us out of a sluggish morning.
    • Through this work, he hopes to create a sort of electric shock that will jolt the audience into seeing what hides behind the image.
    • This latest atrocity has sent a fresh shock wave to jolt us out of our complacency.
    • The genocide has also jolted the world into reconsidering how to prosecute mass killers.
    • The sort of shock we are in now could jolt us out of our determination to squander every human and natural resource in the pursuit of money and power for some, poverty for most.
    • A knock jolted all three of them out of their thoughts.
    • I was jolted out of my thoughts by something rather surprising.
    • A faint scream from the corpse jolted the men from their shock.
    • The pangs of hunger afflicting the countryside has jolted the nation into realisation that food security ought to start at a household level.
    • I savour the rush of caffeine as it jolts my brain into a state of alertness.
    • Kasna gave her a gentle shake, jolting her mind from its incoherent tangles of thought.
    • A collision inevitably resulted, abruptly jolting both men back to reality.
    • The agreements have claimed dozens of lives - many of them young people in their teens and 20s - and jolted the Japanese authorities into action.


  • 1

    sacudida feminine
    she awoke with a jolt se despertó sobresaltada
    • share prices have come down with a jolt this week las acciones han dado un bajón esta semana
    • Darin thumps into the chair, wincing as the impact sends a jolt of pain up his spine.
    • I almost let go after a violent jolt sent my legs flying.
    • During the first week, I was unable brush my teeth, shave, or feed myself with my right hand, and the slightest wrong movement could send jolts of blinding pain through my body.
    • Suddenly, there was a jolt which made Lazarus jump.
    • All of a sudden there was a sudden jolt and then the plane began to rock furiously.
    • Every step was a jolt of pain through her body, but she couldn't let Luz know this.
    • ‘Trigger’ is an electronic horse who tests his riders' skills with jumps and jolts similar to those of a real horse.
    • Solicitor Susan Stephenson was working on some papers when there was a violent jolt and she realised the carriage was going over.
    • I winced from the abrupt jolt, but he said nothing about it.
    • Nothing happened for a bit, and I thought he'd said it just to keep us quiet, but then there was a sudden jolt and we jumped to the left a bit.
    • She hits downward, a jolt searing through my shoulder blade, I sag visibly.
    • The little flickers of static electricity were turning into small jolts.
    • A massive jolt of turbulence shook the plane, and there were a few audible gasps.
    • Suddenly the room started shaking, then, with a violent jolt, it stopped.
    • The front and rear suspensions feature dual-leaf springs instead of coils, taking the bumps and jolts out of gravel roads and unforeseen mounds.
    • And one day, five years later, while I was wiping his arm as always, I felt a jolt of movement in his arm.
    • He landed on the stone tiles with an audible thump, and a nasty jolt of fresh pain jumped up his spine.
    • A sharp jolt shook Missy's plane as a missile exploded against the back part of her shield.
    • The amniotic fluid and membrane cushion the fetus against bumps and jolts to the mother's body.
    • Any movement shot jolts of electricity to my toes, curling them in pain.
  • 2

    her death gave me quite a jolt su muerte me dejó impresionado / fue un golpe para mí
    • the news brought her back to earth with a jolt la noticia la hizo volver a la realidad de un golpe