Translation of jostle in Spanish:


empujar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒɒs(ə)l//ˈdʒɑsəl/

transitive verb

  • 1

    people jostled one another la gente se empujaba / se daba empujones / empellones
    • he was jostled by protestors as he left al salir fue zarandeado por unos manifestantes
    • As I straightened up I was jostled, very slightly, by Doreen and her companion, hurrying to get past.
    • She stood staring at the lion while students jostled her and pushed their way to their friends.
    • On it, you're constantly jostled, poked, elbowed and stepped on by your boogieing neighbours.
    • She was jostled with every step she took and was sure she was bruised from the larger and faster beings traveling down the walkways.
    • They never left her side all the time she was recuperating and they never bumped or jostled her.
    • They booed and jostled him and only the expertise of the Special Branch ensured he got inside unscathed.
    • Clark looked up to see two men who were obviously guards of some kind practically jostling him.
    • Roop saw the look of eagerness on my face, and stuck close on my heels as the crowd jostled us forward.
    • Shelley was hard-pressed to keep up as she was jostled with each step by dancing maniacs who didn't seem to care who they hit.
    • As I was jostled and bumped into the washroom, I saw a sight that would change my life forever.
    • She tried to walk as quickly as possible without jostling the patient.
    • In my perambulations up and down Oxford Street and in the shops no one jostled me, no one got in my way.
    • I was jostled, tugged along as if all these people were a tide.
    • Occasionally he was jostled by an elbow, but he just ignored them and kept going.
    • I went to step closer to her, but Abby brushed past us, jostling me and Jen as she headed out of the barn to my car.
    • Walking slowly, she was slightly jostled about by the congested crowd of people on the sidewalk.
    • The room filled with nurses and doctors and I was jostled back into the hallway.
    • The next thing I knew, I was jostled and shoved around by people I could barely even see.
    • As she was jostled, the pain became so intense that she cried out before passing out cold.
    • Within seconds, we were surrounded by police, pushing and jostling us and telling us we couldn't go forward.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    people were jostling trying to get out la gente se empujaba tratando de salir
    • to jostle for sth
    • hundreds of customers jostling for service cientos de clientes peleando por ser atendidos
    • the number of students jostling for a few places el número de estudiantes que se disputan unos pocos lugares
    • among the problems jostling for my attention ... entre los problemas que reclaman / se disputan mi atención ...