Translation of jotting in Spanish:


apunte, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒɒtɪŋ//ˈdʒɑdɪŋ/


  • 1

    apunte masculine
    nota feminine
    • Rather, we might follow the example of one especially history-aware acquaintance, who has been assiduously preserving letters, scraps of poetry and journal jottings.
    • Separately and together they wrote many books, mainly set in Ireland, as well as many articles, letters, diaries, and jottings.
    • All I know is that our conversations developed into interviews; my nods and giggles became jottings, shorthand notes, pages of details, then yards of Dictaphone tapes on my wall, distinct only by a date on the label.
    • At line 21, Mr Smith, the Board's witness of the facts, says that the letters were created from notes and jottings at the meeting on 3 October 1996.
    • No notes were taken of what the scientist said, the only record of the interview being jottings into a personal organiser made several hours later.
    • In his famous sketchbook jottings, he wrote, ‘Take an object; do something to it; do something else to it.’
    • The compulsion to write - to fill up a blank page as an assertion of identity and ego - often produced volumes of personal jottings: page upon page of astounding outpouring and emotional release.
    • He seems to have preserved every draft, complete or not, bits of juvenilia, jottings, letters sent and received.
    • Dame Felicity Lott - verging on venerable these days - got round it another way: a small notebook with text jottings or quick reference.
    • Each department bureaucrat made his/her own jottings on the letter and after a while Satyendra Dubey obviously became persona-non-grata and bureaucracy-enemy-number-one.
    • He read the brief jottings which Walter had made in his notebook during the interview and a small fly, attracted by its brightness under the neon, settled on the left-hand page.
    • Educated at Trinity College, Oxford, Aubrey carefully enquired into Shakespeare's life and left brief and hectic jottings about it, amidst a chaos of manuscripts first edited by Andrew Clark in 1898.
    • The jottings in his diary certainly showed him to be depressed.
    • Books he used for teaching often had their endpapers covered with page numbers, references, and brief comments; these jottings formed his working index, a set of notes that would never be separated from the book.
    • These reflections, one of which we have just heard, were posthumously published from his diary jottings in a book called, in English, ‘Markings’.
    • In the evening I started putting down some jottings for an article that I'm writing on the skin bleaching problem that we have here.
    • This is recounted in a short piece on the Chief Minister, which is written in the form of diary jottings.
    • Coe worked for eight years on this biography, studying - indeed at times it seems memorising - Johnson's journals, letters, manuscripts and jottings.
    • Though I can make a cursory record, a quick sketch of those first sensations and impressions that flood the traveler, I find these jottings to be incomplete - just notes.
    • Aloof and academic, his book, The Hidden Plot, is essentially a collection of essays distilled from articles, notebooks and jottings.