Translation of journalist in Spanish:


periodista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒərn(ə)ləst//ˈdʒəːn(ə)lɪst/


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    periodista feminine
    • The biggest frustration for journalists at the magazine is their lack of access to the story.
    • He was a journalist of the old school, a reporter who once he got his teeth into a story wouldn't let go.
    • It's not entirely true that newspaper journalists are paid to get their facts right.
    • The journalists may have written the stories, but there is still the matter of how they got them.
    • It is as important to the article as the first sentence is to the tabloid journalist.
    • For what it's worth, I did hear an interesting point from a journalist on the radio.
    • A journalist despatched to write on the lifestyle of the recruit had little to work with.
    • He also devoted time to the personal toll war reporting takes on journalists and cameramen.
    • With hindsight it was a massive challenge for which there was no preparation as a journalist.
    • Scottish football journalists continue to write about the success of last season.
    • As well as a musician and poet he is a journalist, broadcaster and commentator.
    • Every time it rang it seemed to be news of more journalists killed and injured.
    • The idea was to give journalists, editors and publishers a chance to ask questions.
    • Our guidelines on conflicts of interest cover what our journalists are allowed to write.
    • I think the problem is that most journalists assume that bloggers want to be journalists.
    • If you weren't a journalist and cookery writer, what would you have liked to have been?
    • Not being able to get to the story is making journalists at Sky News tear their hair out.
    • Since then, he has worked as a science journalist in broadcasting, print and online.
    • The reason Ken and many others feel moved to write to newspapers and journalists is that they care.
    • We can only put this down to fanciful musings by journalists on a slow news day.