Translation of jovial in Spanish:


jovial, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒəʊvɪəl//ˈdʒoʊviəl/


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    • While during the day it is very relaxing, at night it is jovial and good humoured.
    • His jovial manner and friendly approach sets him aside from all others that ever worked in town.
    • If they were nervous, it was pretty tough to tell, they had such a friendly, jovial way about them.
    • Of course it will be delivered with a jovial smile and a pat on the back.
    • For his part, Frey was in a jovial mood, joking with the crowd throughout the night.
    • Despite my trying to remain jovial and positive Gerald was miserable and moody.
    • He was joined by friends for the special occasion and was in jovial form as usual.
    • The three men laughed and continued the jovial remarks until their lunches arrived.
    • It took the form of a very jovial round faced friend of mine called Bill who lived two streets away.
    • The Professor has been drinking and is in a very jovial mood, but he kids you not.
    • But he was mostly in a jovial mood as he conducted a round of interviews.
    • The laugh was deep and jovial, yet any listener could pick out the sinister tone.
    • Marie looked up at the girl and saw in place of the normally jovial smile an expression of sincerity.
    • The door banged open then and William flounced into the room with a jovial grin.
    • His method of interacting with patients was to be jovial and carefree in an effort to relax them.
    • Larry will be remembered for his lively, jovial manner for whom work was his pleasure.
    • The atmosphere was electric and both sets of fans were jovial and friendly for much of the game.
    • She sighed and turned her head to look behind her and gave him a jovial smile.
    • The conversation became jovial through the stories they shared about being in a state of intoxication.
    • The mood was pretty jovial after the show and the band hung out and mingled.