Translation of joyride in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒɔɪrʌɪd//ˈdʒɔɪraɪd/


  • 1

    (for enjoyment)
    let's go out for a joyride vamos a dar una vuelta en coche
    • a business trip is no joyride los viajes de negocios no son ninguna diversión
    • The plaintiff went for a joyride in a light aircraft piloted by the defendant in the knowledge that the defendant was extremely drunk.
    • ‘We'll have ultralights, light aircraft and general aviation - like Cessnas and a couple of warbirds including a twin pioneer, which people can have joyrides on,’ John said.
    • Now in its 80th year, Qantas travels to 124 destinations and 62 major cities around the world, an impressive growth since its initial inception as a joyride and air taxi service.
    • I suppose it is true that some of those on the flight are there on genuine business, but there must also be quite a few on joyrides.
    • Despite pressure from Nasa to back off, California millionaire Dennis Tito is pressing ahead with plans to take a joyride on the international space station as the world's first space tourist.
    • Many space entrepreneurs assume that a person will be willing to pay up to several hundred thousand dollars in return for what essentially amounts to a joyride.
    • It's the ultimate joyride, an F1 car of your own.
    • Suborbital space tourism might be dismissed as joyrides for the rich, and at that superficial level those critics are correct.
    • The plaintiff not only accepted the offer of being taken for a joyride in the aircraft, but actively sought it.
    • If Richard Branson were to build a passenger-carrying rocket for joyrides into space, would you go?
    • He is expected to embark on his zero-gravity joyride to the edge of outer space for a bird's eye view of the earth in 2006 ‘if all goes well’.
    • A wild west slippery slide, merry-go-round, trail bikes and furry Easter Bunny all coloured the fair, but a helicopter joyride was the biggest drawcard for three-year-old Georgia Campbell.
    • Five years ago, the prospects for commercial suborbital spaceflight looked limited, consisting primarily of joyrides for tourists.
  • 2

    (in stolen car)
    they took the car for a joyride robaron el coche para dar una vuelta