Translation of Judas in Spanish:


Judas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒudəs//ˈdʒuːdəs/


  • 1

    Judas masculine
    Judas Iscariot/ˈdʒudəs,ˈdʒuːdəs Judas Iscariote
  • 2

    judas masculine
    • To his foes, he is a Judas who betrayed loyal friends.
    • I want to leave here in the right circumstances, not be seen as a Judas.
    • That doesn't make him a Judas - he's quite entitled to move on.
    • She wondered uneasily if the group included a Judas.
    • Audrey is in purgatory and Ken is no better than a Judas.