Translation of judge in Spanish:


juez, n.

Pronunciation /dʒʌdʒ//dʒədʒ/


  • 1

    • 1.1Law

      juez feminine
      juez masculine
      jueza feminine
      magistrado masculine
      magistrada feminine
      Judges el Libro de los Jueces
      • the Book of Judges el Libro de los Jueces
      • A lively discussion began, bringing in the accused, the jury, the judge, even the public gallery.
      • It is submitted for the Attorney General that the judge was wrong in both respects.
      • So how much weight should judges give to public health statistics?
      • That would pass over sentencing powers from judges to probation officers, which is the exact opposite of what she said when she began her speech.
      • We worked together, with only a short interruption, from the time we were both appointed to be judges of the Court of Appeal.
      • The judge asked the public prosecutor to verify the exact status of the offences and adjourned the order till May 29.
      • He thought of the judge from the law courts, but didn't say anything.
      • The judges made this particular aspect of public policy and the judges are entitled to change it.
      • This is not to say, of course, that there are no examples of racially prejudiced judges, magistrates or probation officers.
      • The Law Commission's work on this topic has taken over 20 years and has massive support amongst judges, magistrates, the police and solicitors and barristers.
      • Taking away this option will be bad for all involved: court of appeals judges, district court judges, lawyers, and litigants.
      • That was decided by the judge who rejected the appellants' evidence.
      • On November 24 of this year, judges and public prosecutors went on strike against the planned reforms.
      • The judges and officers of the Family Court submit to the orders of this Court.
      • Concurrency had never been in issue before the sentencing judge in the County Court.
      • This law was put in by the Government of Canada and the appointed judges, not the public.
      • It has to be applied in a variety of cases, and it is a matter for the judges of the Family Law Court as to whether it applies to a particular case.
      • Indictable offences are more serious and are tried in the Crown Court before a judge and jury.
      • That was my experience anyway of Supreme Court judges sitting with juries in New South Wales.
      • There is complicity on the part of police, lawyers, judges, customs officers and even politicians.

    • 1.2(of competition)

      juez masculine
      miembro del jurado feminine
      the judges' decision is final la decisión del jurado es irrevocable
      • An outside panel of judges then will select 10 finalists as gold medalists.
      • Competition judges said they were impressed with the grade one listed building of Celtic origin, which St Patrick is reputed to have visited.
      • London United, the Fulwell-based bus company, is just the ticket for passengers, decided the judges in a prestigious competition.
      • The Association appeals to everyone in the village area to tidy areas in front of dwellings and properties as much as possible for the visit of the competition judges.
      • A panel of judges selected the best entries for the shortlist from the high streets nominated by tourist boards around the country.
      • After the closing date of February 21st a panel of judges will select shortlists for each category, for voting by the general public from 7th April.
      • Each short listed candidate will be interviewed and assessed by an esteemed panel of judges who will select the final 28 candidates.
      • After reviewing scores of nominations, our panel of judges selected two finalists in each of five categories.
      • The dress and design have been given the thumbs up by a panel of judges in the competition and is the only Eastern Cape finalist.
      • The panel of celebrity judges selected the bands which will perform this weekend.
      • For the 2001 National Open Framing Competition, three judges selected these winners from among the eight entries.
      • I will be the judge overseeing this competition, and the best part is that you can play along!
      • A panel of judges will select six winners from across the country.
      • Mr Lewis will head a panel of judges to select the winning entry.
      • A panel of judges will then select the best displays.
      • Each country selects a judge for the panel which visited all the competitors during the summer.
      • Their ingenious system to save household water and use it to flush the toilet impressed the judges in the competition, which attracted more than 120 entries.
      • The judges for the prestigious competition, now in its eighteenth year, also hailed the family's dairy operation as near perfection as you could ever get.
      • The competition saw the judges rate websites from the US, Turkey, Thailand and Australia for the quality of their art and design.
      • The judges said the impressive competition amongst the short list made it very hard for them to decide.

    • 1.3Sport

      juez masculine

  • 2

    he's a good judge of character es muy buen psicólogo
    • she's an excellent judge of wines entiende mucho de vinos
    • it sounds fine to me, but I'm no judge a mí me parece bien, pero yo no soy un experto
    • let me be the judge of that eso lo decidiré yo

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1Law

      (person/case) juzgar
      • And if they can swear under oath that they can judge the case fairly, then they deserve to have the first bite at judging this case.
      • The judge is bound to endeavor to judge each case on the basis of the codified law.
      • Does he feel there would be fewer drunk driving convictions if these cases were judged by juries as opposed to a judge?
      • The jury has been warned to judge the case only on the evidence heard in court, and not on any of the surrounding publicity.
      • It alone has the discretion to judge a case on its merit.
      • It is important that all cases are judged on the individual circumstances.
      • But what happened to the idea of judging a case based on, well, the facts of the case?
      • When judging legal cases, British courts have a long tradition of formalism.
      • We expect judges to place their personal and political feelings aside when they judge a case.
      • The reality is that each case has to be judged in relation to all the circumstances which are relevant to it.
      • However, the FSCS takes a more stringent view and must judge cases on strictly legal liability.
      • He wondered if this disqualified him from judging the case.
      • We must restore a system of justice, which judges the case on the basis of the facts and the merits of the individual case.
      • He judges cases although he knows nothing of the people, their culture, or their customs.
      • At these meetings, cases were judged and punishments imposed by a council of important men who were changed from time to time.
      • His case will be heard by a three-member disciplinary commission, which will judge the case and assess the penalty.
      • Maybe we ought to trust them more than we do to judge the case that was presented in court.
      • They make their own laws and judge their own cases.
      • What we have here in Aruba are professional judges, and it will be a single judge who in the first instance will judge the case.
      • The People's Court must be supported to judge these cases fairly.

    • 1.2

      (contest) ser el juez de
      he will judge the competition él será el juez del certamen
      • I'd say it's the best thing on TV now, but I don't watch enough TV to judge the competition.
      • Barbara Carlson, the chairman of the governors, judged the competition.
      • Roy Mortimer who judged the gardening competition will talk about the gardens he visited.
      • But he was filmed helping to judge a skateboarding competition.
      • The kids joined in the auction school, and male vocalist of the year Adam Harvey spent hours judging the ute competition.
      • Last year he was to be found judging a pole-dancing competition at a night club in Ealing.
      • Students write a poem about a fairer future for Africa and enter them into a competition judged by Children's Laureate Jacqueline Wilson.
      • Mr. Quinn asked me to judge the competition, but I'd rather let the audience decide the winner.
      • A number of internal competitions were judged by members of photography clubs from Kilkenny and Mullingar.
      • Staff members who judged the competition were pleased with the quality of work produced by the children.
      • The functional digital car competition is judged on effective use of virtual prototyping tools.
      • He related an incident that occurred when he had previously judged the same competition.
      • Critics are frequently invited to review or judge the competition, which culminates in Edinburgh after nationwide heats.
      • A champagne house asked me to judge a competition recently.
      • I'm sorry, but your mother and I have to go to Tokyo to judge the country competition.
      • Members of the Panel of Chefs of Ireland will judge the competition.
      • We won that a few years ago and we go around now judging competitions.
      • I'd be especially interested in comments from those who have judged competitions over the years.
      • Sir Titus Salt kept a watchful eye over a panel of beer tasters judging a competition to recreate a brew in his honour yesterday.
      • He has also had the honour of being asked to judge numerous competitions at regional and national levels.

  • 2

    • 2.1(estimate)

      (speed/size/weight) calcular
      I judged her to be about 35 le calculaba unos 35 años
      • she had judged the moment to act very cleverly había elegido muy bien el momento de actuar
      • He knows that, judging from opinion poll research, concentrating on Europe as an issue is normally the route to defeat.
      • It sounds like hard work - it is hard work - but judging from the volunteer diaries on the website, it is very rewarding.
      • As soon as I walked through the door people were judging me.
      • You have to judge the situation to determine which course of action to take.
      • People had judged her as a mistress in the stereotypical way.
      • But to complain that people are judging you by your behaviour on stage and in interview is a little weak, Ryan.
      • My name wasn't anywhere, people weren't judging me.
      • But judging from their past performance, I wouldn't put too much faith in their judgement.
      • It was hard to tell, judging from her vacant stare totally fixed on the old man in front of them.
      • He fears that people are judging him based on the page (next to the page) of the paper he is reading.
      • Japan's manufacturing seems to be making a comeback of sorts, judging from orders for production lasers.
      • Both were crimson in color, and I supposed I was too judging from the burning in my face.
      • If you put some effort into your clothes, some people may judge you to be frivolous, while others will treat you with greater respect.
      • All to often people judge you by their standards.
      • And judging from the crowds gathered around the trophy and the queues looping around the Brunel Plaza, the tour looks to be on target for success.
      • The majority of America must then be liberals, judging from recent public opinion polls.
      • It upsets me that people who don't know him personally can judge him.
      • He wrote a poem about how people judged him on his tattooed appearance.
      • I suspect, judging from the euphoria in the auditorium, that it will last longer.
      • Why is it that people in this state are so quick to judge someone strictly on their accent?

    • 2.2(assess)

      (position/situation) evaluar
      (person) juzgar
      (advantages/quality) valorar
      I'll be the one to judge who gets the job yo seré quien decida / juzgue a quién se le da el trabajo
      • you'll be judged solely on / by your exam results se le juzgará exclusivamente sobre la base de los resultados del examen
      • (as) judged by a juzgar por

    • 2.3(deem)

      I judged it (to be) unwise to say too much juzgué / consideré imprudente hablar demasiado

  • 3

    (censure, condemn)
    don't judge her too harshly no seas demasiado severo con ella

intransitive verb

  • 1

    you shouldn't judge by appearances no deberías juzgar / dejarte llevar por las apariencias
    • judging by a juzgar por
    • to judge for oneself juzgar por sí (or mí etc.) mismo
  • 2

    (pass judgment)
    dictar sentencia