Translation of juggling in Spanish:


malabarismos, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒʌɡlɪŋ/


  • 1

    malabarismos masculine
    juegos malabares masculine
    juegos de manos masculine
    it took a bit of juggling to make the figures fit hubo que hacer malabarismos para que cuadrasen las cifras
    • It was just a matter of organizing things, a bit of a juggle and a dance between childcare, meetings and contracts.
    • My partner Nigel is an actor, and it is a juggle between jobs and baby.
    • It's that big juggle that many of my readers know, with my life depending on fantastic nannies.
    • It tries to portray a juggle between characters and the situations and relationships they are involved in.
    • The challenge for Ginsberg was to figure out how to control all 62 devices in the show, a constant juggle to control the pieces and make them work together.
    • That sounds quite a juggle for community members to be able to do that, is that happening?
    • And look, finally, do you think that either party understands the juggle that families face, particularly mothers, working mothers?
    • Administration Manager, David McKinnon, says life at his centre is a constant struggle and juggle.
    • Life's a juggle, and you make the choices that suit your life.
    • I mean, it's a remarkable example of the great juggle that so many working women do today.