Translation of jugular in Spanish:


yugular, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒʌɡjʊlə//ˈdʒəɡjələr/


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    yugular feminine
    vena yugular feminine
    • Her throat had been slit at the jugular, a trail of blood over the floor from the opening spurt of blood.
    • Theorton hissed before tearing at his attacker's throat and destroying his jugular.
    • In the jugulars, this systolic fall in venous pressure has been called by physiologists the systolic collapse of the venous pulse.
    • They were desolate and fingered their jugulars nervously.
    • The dogs barked and strained at the end of their chains, wide brown collars cutting into jugulars, eyes, savage and bloodshot, bulging like gobstoppers.
    • Blood poured from the jugular into the windpipe, preventing an alarming scream.
    • The man threw the little girl's still-shuddering body at her, and blood spurted over her clothes from the cut jugular.
    • When he realized his mouth was moving over the pulsing jugular of her slender throat, he pulled away reluctantly.
    • She lowered the knife from my throat, where it pressed uncomfortably close to the jugular.
    • He grabbed the first guard by his arm and twisted it behind his back and at the same time landed a full punch at his neck just below the jugular.
    • My heart was somewhere in my throat; I could feel it pounding in my jugular.
    • Even from where I was standing I could see the jugular in her neck protruding, like a snake rising from somewhere inside her chest.
    • The point travelled to her throat, and pressed lightly into the flesh at her jugular.
    • Eventually, of course, the cheetah wins, sinking its teeth into the jugular of the prey and ending its life.
    • Cutting his jugular would empty the blood entirely from his body, leaving him a bloodless shriveled corpse.
    • Logan glanced at the body and sure enough the throat was slit at the jugular with a trail of blood staining the wood floors, along with a missing ring finger.
    • Also, the blood, lacking fluid, becomes thick, causing clots in the veins and jugulars.
    • In two of the carcasses I was able to see puncture marks that pierced the animals' jugulars.
    • Actually, I aim for the brain stem, the jugular tends to get in the way.
    • Within four hours of arriving, he had cut his throat from ear to ear, including his jugular, and slit both wrists.