Translation of junior high school in Spanish:

junior high school

(junior high)



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    colegio en el que se imparten los dos o tres primeros años de la enseñanza secundaria
    • I was in my senior year in secondary high school, my sister was a senior in junior high school and the twins were in elementary school.
    • The other important issue is the use of luxury textbooks, not only in senior and junior high schools, but also in elementary schools.
    • The remainder came from two elementary schools and one junior high school.
    • The Californian state assembly has voted to ban soda sales to elementary school students and restrict sales of the drinks at junior high schools.
    • In reversing that decision, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the law applied only to colleges, not to junior high schools.
    • The textbook is for use in junior high schools from the academic year of 2006.
    • It is also currently being expanded to junior high schools.
    • The foundation conducted the survey among 1,501 teachers at elementary and junior high schools in June.
    • My first job was at a junior high school in southern Colorado Springs.
    • We left our old junior high school and moved into the nearby high school.
    • I was working with a class of at-risk readers in a local junior high school.
    • Thirty junior high schools, nine high schools and three higher secondary schools have been affected.
    • Martha is a lunch-hour supervisor at the local junior high school, where she also coaches soccer and basketball teams.
    • She is in the fourth year at a public junior high school, where her favorite subject is mathematics.
    • At the time, any educator who was modern, progressive, and scientific, or so it seemed, supported vocational and industrial education and the spread of junior high schools.
    • It took him five years to finish junior high school because of poor grades.
    • The village only has an elementary school and a junior high school.
    • Garfield was a three-year high school, and the junior high schools that fed it offered only basic math.
    • Gray Davis signed a bill last year banning elementary and junior high schools from selling sodas starting in January.
    • Three of the children attend public junior high schools in Japan.

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