Translation of Junoesque in Spanish:


escultural, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌdʒunoʊˈɛsk//ˌdʒuːnəʊˈɛsk/



  • 1

    • But unlike the latter's compliant filles, Golub's Junoesque women project a potency exceeding even that of the Spaniard's priapic Minotaur.
    • Of course, her Junoesque figure was exploited in the films and made much of in the media.
    • ‘La, I do beg pardon,’ A Junoesque young woman in a white, filmy, low-cut dress hesitated in the doorway.
    • She was rather Junoesque, with her soft brown curls, pulled back in a loose knot on the back of her head, and her pretty face; she was probably only a few years older than Mother, but seemed more aged, as if she had seen more in her life.