Translation of jury box in Spanish:

jury box

tribuna del jurado, n.


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    tribuna del jurado feminine
    • Yes, that's correct there, on the judge's right hand and on the judge's left is the jury box, and the witness box.
    • It means what you twelve men and women sitting as a jury in the jury box would regard in a common-sense way as the cause.
    • Beverly observed her first drug court session from the jury box where all incarcerated participants are held.
    • One way to do it might be to create a divided courthouse - with doors in the wall of one building, leading directly to jury boxes in the other building.
    • I can see that it is a question on which the opinions of plain men and women in the jury box and judges who have now to perform their function may reasonably differ.
    • The six men were sitting in the jury box in the magistrate's court.
    • Beyond the cold numbers generated by historic fact, McKanna puts people in the jury box, on the witness stand, and on the bench in western courtrooms.
    • Using large video screens placed at either end of the jury box, the prosecutors repeatedly showed an animated simulation of a knife slicing into a human chest.
    • How do 12 men and women - sitting in a jury box - process all the information they're bombarded with?
    • There had, however, been a disturbance in the gallery and some disturbance in the jury box itself.