Translation of just in Spanish:


justo, adj.

Pronunciation: /dʒəst//dʒʌst/


  • 1

    (decision/person/law) justo
    we must be just to / toward them debemos ser justos con ellos
    • our cause is just nuestra causa es justa
    • Thus is not for a just man to engage in warfare, since warfare is justice itself.
    • I don't believe there was a just reason for them not allowing me to take part in the race.
    • When has a judge of a court made an order when it is not just and equitable to do so?
    • Other countries should follow the Dutch example of a decent, pure and just society.
    • How then will the court decide what is a fair and just settlement for Richard and Hyacinth?
    • They knew that a just society relies on a certain level of order and cohesiveness.
    • She is a fair and just ruler, and she causes unending problems for me and my brothers.
    • Would it be just and equitable for the respondents to receive no recompense for work done?
    • For the best part of 150 years, progressive opinion has seen the Civil War as a just war.
    • We strive hard to build a just society, but we ignore a glaring source of inequality.
    • The more disturbing part of the answer may lie in the absence of a vision of a just society.
    • His idea of a just society was one which would allow a man to live well by his own efforts.
    • We have a duty as moral and just people, to educate other farangs who ride the buses.
    • A just and democratic approach to Iraq would also lead to the lifting of sanctions.
    • Was it just and reasonable that the defendant should owe a duty of care of the scope asserted by the plaintiff?
    • It raises the question as to whether it is fair, just and reasonable to impose the duty contended for.
    • The aim of creating a democracy in the heart of the Middle East is a just cause.
    • The series is most criticized for feeling dry and intellectual, or at least emotionally uninvolving -- a just criticism.
    • There must surely be a broad public interest in just complaints of this kind being sustained.
    • It is not a just criticism of such assessment that it does not provide answers to all questions, just as it is not a just criticism of standardized assessment that it does not inform instruction.
  • 2

    (true, accurate)
    (account/representation) que se ajusta a la realidad


  • 1

    I'll be with you in just a moment enseguida / en un segundo estoy con usted
    • she just does it to annoy me lo hace por fastidiarme nomás
    • there's just one left queda solo uno
    • just a moment, you're confusing two issues there un momento: estás confundiendo dos problemas distintos
    • just an hour of your time would be enough con solo una hora de tu tiempo alcanzaría
    • I went there just once fui solo una vez
    • she was just three when her father died tenía apenas / solo tres años cuando murió su padre
    • would you like some more? — just a little, please ¿quieres más? — bueno, un poquito
    • just occasionally you can find a really good bargain muy de vez en cuando se encuentra una verdadera ganga
  • 2

    I just stopped by to say hello pasé para saludarte
    • don't be scared: it's just the wind no te asustes: es el viento nomás
    • that's just gossip son puros chismes
    • they're just friends no son más que amigos
    • I just need someone to talk to necesito hablar con alguien
    • if you'd just wait a moment si me hace el favor de esperar un momento
    • don't worry about her, she's just jealous no te preocupes por ella, lo que pasa es que está celosa
    • it's just one of those things son cosas que pasan
    • just because he's famous doesn't mean he can be rude el hecho de que sea famoso no le da derecho a ser grosero
    • just follow the instructions on the packet simplemente siga las instrucciones impresas en el paquete
    • I'll just have to pack up and go no me queda otro remedio que hacer la maleta e irme
    • I'm just lucky, I guess es simplemente cuestión de suerte, yo creo
    • he'll just make things worse lo único que hará será empeorar las cosas
    • I'll take a spare, just in case llevaré uno de repuesto, por si las moscas
  • 3

    (emphatic use)
    I just can't understand it simplemente no lo entiendo
    • I just adore champagne a mí me encanta el champán
    • I'm feeling just fine now ahora me siento muy bien
    • just leave it here déjelo aquí
    • regret it? don't I just! ¿que si me arrepiento? ¡si me arrepentiré … !
    • just think! we could get rich ¡tú imagínate! podríamos hacernos ricos
    • just you wait, you little rascal! ¡ya vas a ver, bandido!
    • I can just imagine it me lo imagino perfectamente
    • they were just plain scared estaban francamente aterrados
    • there are just no jobs simplemente no hay trabajo
    • there's just nothing in the shops no hay nada, pero nada, en las tiendas
  • 4

    (in commands, threats)
    just do as you're told! ¡haz lo que se te dice y sanseacabó!
    • just go away, will you? mira, vete, hazme el favor
    • just you dare! ¡tú atrévete!
  • 5

    (giving explanation)
    it's just that … lo que pasa es que …
  • 6

    (indicating possibility)
    it may just happen podría suceder
    • you could just be in for a surprise podrías llevarte una sorpresa
  • 7

    just about
    • I've just about finished now casi he terminado
    • I think we can just about manage it creo que puede ser que lo logremos
    • did you get enough to eat? — just about ¿te dieron bastante de comer? — más o menos
    • I'm just about sick of you! ¡ya estoy harto de ti!
  • 8

    I arrived just in time llegué justo a tiempo
    • it's only just over the recommended minimum está apenas por encima del mínimo recomendado
    • I just missed him no lo vi por poco / por apenas unos minutos
  • 9

    (a little)
    just above the knee justo / apenas encima de la rodilla
    • I waited just outside the shop esperé en la puerta de la tienda
    • I had a call from him just before I left justo antes de salir recibí una llamada suya
  • 10

    (in recent past)
    I've just remembered that … me acabo de acordar de que …
    • she's just left se acaba de ir
    • she'd only just finished recién había terminado
    • just married recién casados
    • go and brush your teeth — I just have / did ve a lavarte los dientes — recién me los lavé
    • just recently I've begun to notice that … últimamente he empezado a darme cuenta de que …
  • 11

    (now, at the moment)
    she's just on her way ya va para allí (/ viene para aquí etc. )
    • I was just about to leave when he called estaba a punto de salir cuando llamó
    • I was just about to say that eso es justo lo que yo iba a decir
  • 12

    (exactly, precisely)
    it's just what I wanted es justo / precisamente / exactamente lo que quería
    • the temperature was just right la temperatura era la perfecta
    • she looks just like her mother at that age es exactamente igual a su madre cuando tenía su edad
    • isn't that just typical of him? ¿no es típico de él?
    • we made it to school just as the bell rang llegamos al colegio justo cuando sonaba la campana / en el preciso momento en que sonaba la campana
    • I can't worry about that just now en este momento no puedo estar preocupándome por eso
    • just my luck! ¡me tenía que pasar a mí!
  • 13

    the desserts were just as good as the rest of the meal los postres estuvieron tan buenos como el resto de la comida
    • it's just as well you're leaving menos mal que te vas
    • she's just as pleased as can be about the result está de lo más contenta con el resultado
  • 14

    (in polite request)
    just wait here, please espere aquí, por favor