Translation of justification in Spanish:


justificación, n.

Pronunciation /ˌdʒəstəfəˈkeɪʃ(ə)n//dʒʌstɪfɪˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/


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    justificación feminine
    there is no justification for his rudeness su grosería no tiene justificación
    • nothing can be said in justification of her actions no se puede alegar nada en su defensa
    • in justification she said that … como justificación dijo que …
    • The justification in support of this argument is that the characteristics of an Indian remain the same whether he is in the civil or the Army.
    • Despite concern in some quarters over the health risks associated with gasoline lead, there is environmental justification to support the retention of leaded fuel for a longer period.
    • Discrimination needs to have a reasonable objective justification.
    • It also requires school officials to demonstrate some reasonable educational justification before they can censor anything.
    • The claim is always of ‘falling standards’ - a claim without justification or substance.
    • Many have provided scriptural justification to support their arguments.
    • There is no objective and reasonable justification which can be identified for the restriction.
    • Our answer to that, your Honour, is that the reasonable justification is to be found in clause 44, not, with respect, in the law which infringes on it.
    • The idea of increasing their already generous remuneration, without demonstrable justification, is outrageous.
    • Did the difference in treatment have an objective and reasonable justification?
    • Then she used that request as her justification to make the special assignment.
    • Subsequent letters to objectors give no reasons or justification for dismissing such objections.
    • But looking through the list, I come across names whose inclusion defies any reasonable justification.
    • There is no justification or support for such mindless actions.
    • In our respectful submission, a party in our client's position is entitled to costs in the events which happened and that the opposition to it is without reasonable justification.
    • The arch is a fashionable solution just now, and there is reasonable engineering justification.
    • These matters are important, and reasonable justification can be made for implementing rules that facilitate orderly market development.
    • The use of armed force without a moral cause or reasonable justification will not be popular.
    • The reasoned justification showed that this policy was not confined to hazardous waste but included all types of difficult waste.
    • No scientific or technical justification is given in support.
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    justificación feminine
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