Translation of juvenile in Spanish:


de menores, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒuvənl//ˈdʒuːvənʌɪl//ˈdʒuvəˌnaɪl/


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    (court) de menores
    (delinquent/delinquency) juvenil
    • Promoting juvenile talent is the lifeblood and future of any sporting club.
    • His work with the youth in his role as juvenile liaison officer was remarkable.
    • Typically, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis appears between the ages of 6 months and 16 years.
    • At the film's beginning, the juvenile protagonists ride a Ferris wheel and fantasize about traveling to the sea, a child-like sentiment never to be repeated.
    • Since the latter half of the nineteenth century, the police have been the foremost public authorities who regulate juvenile crime and delinquency.
    • The legislature has to do something about juvenile crimes, particularly the violent ones.
    • This site is designed to improve the public's understanding of the juvenile justice system and to promote policy reform.
    • Surely adults went to see B-Westerns; nonetheless, the war messages in B-Westerns were aimed at a juvenile audience.
    • The classification as infantile or juvenile forms depends on the amount of renal disease present.
    • The main goal of the juvenile justice system is rehabilitation rather than punishment.
    • Despite the apparent convergence with Western juvenile prostitution, clear differences remain that should not be ignored.
    • It is an indispensable resource for informed professionals who strive to shape the juvenile justice system today.
    • As juvenile crime rises, here and across the country, tonight's confessions of a York teenager make provocative reading.
    • Psychologists can play a role in the juvenile death penalty debate in several ways.
    • Cowboy stars underscored the identity and nature of the enemy for their juvenile viewers and urged all citizens to do their part to help win the war.
    • The juvenile members of Spa Golf Club were making the most of their mid-term break on Friday.
    • Talk to people who live on the Brunshaw estate and the same themes come up time and time again: crime, juvenile nuisance, drug dealing, vandalism and anti-social behaviour.
    • Despite occasional warnings about a rising tide of juvenile crime, the statistics show a determined resistance to inflation.
    • But there are issues that should be tackled immediately, especially in the field of juvenile crime.
    • Curves of this magnitude usually have an infantile or juvenile onset rather than an adolescent onset.
  • 2derogatory

    • Regret is the type of emotion that makes you think of past times and think how stupid and juvenile you were because of the choices you made.
    • He crumpled up the juvenile green and yellow paper wrappings and tossed them into a plastic sack.
    • I feel this need to show people we can do it on our own but I recognize how silly and destructive and completely juvenile this attitude is.
    • It's juvenile and plain silly, and I don't like it contextually as a roleplayer.
    • Ally felt herself smiling, even though their entire conversation had been so utterly juvenile.
    • Just when we're sure that they can't get any sillier or more juvenile, they come along with a stunning new innovation that shows us what we're paying them to do.
    • This tour is excruciatingly banal and juvenile, lightened only by the silly antics of his friend Joe.
    • As juvenile and immaturely sexist as this may seem, you will never imagine how useful this can be.
    • The movie isn't without its flaws, however, as some of the humour is rather juvenile, and some just plain stupid.
    • Let me clarify: they aren't acting immature or juvenile; they're acting like young, inexperienced adults.
    • The Earl of Tyrconnell was no better than King William's officers, King James was as juvenile and foolish as King William, and Irish national identity as a whole became the object of scorn.
    • I know it sounds juvenile and stupid but I really wanted to see the look on Skinner's face.
    • This business of spinning into outer space is just so juvenile and naive that one has to wonder why these booklets didn't burst into flames on the printing press.
    • For a moment it crossed her mind that what she was doing was juvenile and silly, but she had made up her mind.
    • All of that may sound juvenile and silly, but the chaos really only lasts for 10 minutes of the 50-minute performance.
    • Asked about the motivation for the vandalism, he said it was simply a case of very juvenile, immature peer pressure.
    • It was a silly, juvenile thing to do and it ended with both of them standing there holding bits of the piece of paper - and both claiming phyrric victories.
    • He probably thought that I was an immature and juvenile little child, which I can be, when I'm near Garret.
    • Secondly, he is sitting upon a pitchfork and refuses to move himself, or thirdly he is a silly, juvenile incompetent and has no place in this Chamber.
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    (publishing/literature) infantil y juvenil US
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    juvenile lead galán joven masculine
    • Michael Conrad is rapidly becoming the light juvenile lead of Oval House.
    • So you have the juvenile lead, who's always nice and happy and winsome, and that's the male and female juvenile lead.
    • I never had the shape for juvenile leads so I've always had to play character parts.
    • He represented Sarsfields at juvenile and minor level, and was chosen as The Patrician College Sportsman of the Year for his achievements on the golf course.
    • Wendy Toye was born in London on 1 May 1917, and at the age of three and a half appeared on stage at the Albert Hall in London as a member of a juvenile dance troupe.
    • She didn't suffer fools gladly, which seemed to include all the juvenile actors she had to work with in TV.
    • Eventually, he got an acting job of 16 weeks in weekly rep, playing juvenile leads in 16 different plays - where he honed his technique.
    • Lydon was well known for playing the juvenile lead in a series in the early 1940s, and his work here tends to retain the flavour of that character.
    • The next day he received a letter from London saying his audition for the juvenile lead in a musical comedy had been successful.
    • Over 3,000 boys have already been seen, and the musical's appetite for new talent will remain high throughout its run, with cast changes a legal requirement for the juvenile actors every six months.
    • Rarely has a show dealt so honestly with the ageing of its juvenile leads, with Cory, Morgan, Shawn and Topanga seeming to grow up quicker on screen than they were in real life.


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    menor masculine
    • However, after yesterday's verdict, Justice Malcolm Holdip said he had to defer sentencing to today because he was unable to find the proper sentencing for convicted juveniles.
    • While the age of juveniles in the criminal justice system will be raised from 17 to 18, the only other change will see significant new powers put into the hands of the police.
    • The second is that it is important that juveniles be held on remand in places where they mix with others of their own age.
    • In my judgment, Parliament has clearly, in sections 39 and 49, drawn a distinction between juveniles appearing in youth courts and juveniles appearing in adult courts.
    • But legal considerations plausibly have a great deal to do with increases in incarceration, capital punishment, and criminal prosecution of juveniles.
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    actor que hace papeles de joven
    • Just 18, she played her first lead role in the film: she had been a juvenile in her previous appearance.
    • But, now and then, a juvenile comes along who actually deserves to be called an 'actor'.
    • Bill specialized in likeable but none-too-bright juveniles and young leads.