Translation of karma in Spanish:


karma, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑːmə//ˈkɑrmə//ˈkəːmə/


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    karma masculine
    • In between, souls seek to fulfil their dharma while resolving karma and accruing merit through good deeds.
    • Worst case scenario, I come back with a cold and am still left with the daunting task of undoing all my bad karma with good karma.
    • T'hrinlay Wangmo consciously used this experience as a vehicle to exhaust her own previous negative karma.
    • As noted previously, karma and rebirth are among the elements of Buddhism that Mr. Batchelor questions.
    • Three important concepts within Hinduism are dharma, karma, and reincarnation.
    • But with karma, at some future point, everyone will still have to pay for their mistakes.
    • That same entity will later enter a new body bringing with it the karma of past lives, which includes actions themselves as well as the ethical ramifications of such.
    • For example, most people would say that one of the key teachings in Buddhism is karma.
    • They accept the religion's basic concepts of dharma, samsara, karma, and ahimsa.
    • In other words, he was preaching karma, samsara and moksha.
    • Our mental and physical deeds, both positive and negative, accumulate in what Buddhists call karma.
    • As he says, In the standard Hindu view one's birth in a particular caste is determined by one's karma in a previous life.
    • Likewise, if you understand your form, you can understand your past and future karma.