Translation of kayak in Spanish:


kayak, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkaɪˌæk//ˈkʌɪak/


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    kayak masculine
    • The next highest categories were personal watercraft, cabin cruisers, canoes, rowboats and kayaks.
    • A group of hippos who were wallowing in the water the far side of the river stuck their heads up to watch us as we unloaded our kayaks and canoes.
    • Entrants wearing fancy dress took to the water in kayaks, dinghies, canoes and other water crafts to raise cash for charity.
    • Additionally, there are 450 kayaks and canoes, with 3,000 amateurs and 1,050 athletes, plus 120 rowing boats registered.
    • Lakeside lodges and resorts make kayaks or canoes available to guests, or you can bring your own.
    • These sculptural works are made of superimposed bentwood floatable frames: canoes, surfboards, kayaks, and rowboats fully equipped with oars.
    • They use night-vision binoculars, small boats, canoes and kayaks but see education of the younger generation as an important weapon.
    • You can also rent a kayak or canoe and explore the estuary; bring binoculars to spot wading egrets and resident ducks.
    • She paddles to work once a week, storing her clothes in the kayak's watertight compartment.
    • There's canoes, kayaks and some rowing shells.
    • The house comes with a 19-foot runabout, a canoe, kayaks, sailboards, and snorkeling and fishing gear.
    • The fatality rate for canoes and kayaks is almost twice that of those on personal watercraft and almost four times higher than open motor boats.
    • These components involve practice in self-rescue skills and assisting others using canoes, kayaks, sailboats, and/or rowboats in a calm water environment.
    • They found that there were places where people were camping along the shores, and there were numerous sailboats, kayaks, and canoes out in the aquamarine water.
    • More energetic sightseers can hire kayaks or canoes.
    • Various paddle-powered rigs with exceptional mobility include small flat-bottomed aluminum boats, canoes and kayaks.
    • Humans, too, are taking advantage of the increased recreational activities afforded by removal of the dam, with many river enthusiasts running the river in canoes and kayaks.
    • More fatalities occurred on canoes and kayaks than on personal watercraft, but the highest number occurred on open motorboats.
    • Our fleet consisted of a Picayune delivery truck, two cars, bicycles, a kayak and a canoe.
    • Instruction is given in the use of kayaks, two-seater canoes and motor boats.