Translation of keep in Spanish:


sustento, n.

Pronunciation /kiːp//kip/


  • 1

    sustento masculine
    manutención feminine
    I pay them something toward her keep contribuyo con algo para su manutención
    • he helped in the kitchen to earn his keep ayudaba en la cocina a cambio de comida y techo
    • for keeps
    • he gave it to me for keeps me lo regaló
    • if they win the cup again, it's theirs for keeps si vuelven a ganar la copa, se la quedan para siempre
    • Occasionally. in those days, some would be paid a wage but mostly they would work for their keep and a little pocket money.
    • For 10 shillings a week, plus his keep, Trevor worked on the moor where Mr Middlemiss had moor rights.
    • If they were, then they would have been earning their keep and fending for themselves, like everyone else is supposed to do.
    • At least this way they pay for their crimes and contribute something towards the cost of their keep.
    • Many men returned to work on the mills every season for many years as they got a regular wage and their keep.
    • That is why Greatwood is appealing for people to adopt one of the retired racehorses and contribute towards the cost of its keep.
    • People like us who did without to own our house as a legacy for our children have our home taken off us if we have to go into care to pay for our keep.
    • They had their pay and their keep and were given a quarter of a sheep to take home to feed their families.
  • 2

    (in castle, fortress)
    torre del homenaje feminine
    • In stone keep castles, keeps were much higher than any other part of the castle.
    • This Great Hall was the social centre for the inhabitants of the inner keep.
    • Even the gateways leading into old keeps and castles don't escape the over-enthusiasm of some amateur restorers.
    • Manors and even small keeps abound in the highlands, not tourist attractions but still noble family estates.
    • It is crowned with a stone shell keep of about 1300, which replaced a timber predecessor.
    • Kids will love the medieval keep, with its spiral staircases, and dim lighting.
    • Its most remarkable feature is that the large keep is itself protected by further curtain walls.
    • The never completed keep is a great round tower divided by a moat from the inner curtain that curves inward to avoid it.
    • Whereas motte and bailey castles were surrounded by a wooden fence, the stone keeps could rely on outer walls made of stone (curtain walls).
    • In a few places great stone keeps were begun, best known of which is the Tower of London.
    • The keep in stone encircled from the full water ditch that we see today was built at this time.
    • She had been stuck in that horrible keep for the last four years of her life.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (ticket/receipt) (not throw away) guardar
    (ticket/receipt) (not throw away) conservar
    (not give back) quedarse con
    (not lose) conservar
    is this old pan worth keeping? ¿vale la pena guardar este cacharro?
    • keep the change quédese con el cambio (/ vuelto etc. )
    • he can't keep a job es incapaz de mantener / conservar un trabajo
    • you can keep the book puedes quedarte (con) el libro
    • keep it, I don't need it quédate con él / quédatelo, no lo necesito
    • he kept his mental faculties to the end conservó sus facultades mentales hasta el final
    • she's kept her looks se ha conservado bien
    • you can keep your lousy job! ¡se puede guardar su porquería de trabajo!
    • can you keep the number in your head? ¿puedes retener el número?
  • 2

    (to look after, to reserve)
    to keep sth ( for sb) guardar(le) algo ( a algn)
    • could you keep my place for a moment? ¿me podrías guardar el sitio un momento?
    • they kept his job for him le guardaron el puesto
  • 3

    (to store, to put customarily)
    where do you keep the coffee? ¿dónde guardas / tienes el café?
    • keep in a cool place conservar en lugar fresco
  • 4

    (to have available)
    I like to keep a first-aid kit in the car me gusta tener un botiquín en el coche
  • 5British

    (to stock)
    we keep several kinds of tea tenemos / vendemos varios tipos de té
  • 6

    (to reserve for future use)
    keep some for later guarda / deja algo para después
  • 7

    (to preserve)
  • 8

    (to manage)
    (shop/stall/guesthouse) tener
  • 9

    (to raise)
    (chickens/pigs/bees) criar
  • 10

    (to have)
    (servants) tener
  • 11

    (to support)
    (family/household) mantener
    he keeps a mistress mantiene a una amante
    • can you keep her in the manner / style to which she is accustomed? ¿puedes darle la vida a la que está acostumbrada?
    • it costs me a fortune to keep them in clothes me cuesta una fortuna vestirlos
    • I hardly make enough to keep myself in cigarettes apenas si saco para mis cigarrillos
  • 12archaic

    (to protect)
    guardar dated
  • 13

    (to maintain)
    she keeps a diary escribe / lleva un diario
    • I've kept a note / record of everything lo tengo todo anotado
  • 14

    (to cause to remain, to continue)
    I kept dinner hot for him le mantuve la cena caliente
    • try and keep it clean/tidy trata de mantenerlo limpio/ordenado
    • keep her informed manténla al tanto
    • the noise kept me awake el ruido no me dejó dormir
    • keep him awake manténlo despierto
    • to keep sb/sth -ing
    • to keep sb guessing tener a algn en ascuas
    • keep your letters coming sigan enviando cartas
    • he kept the engine running mantuvo el motor en marcha
    • I'm sorry to have kept you waiting siento haberlo hecho esperar / haberlo tenido esperando
    • try and keep him talking procura que siga hablando
  • 15

    (to detain)
    don't let me keep you no te quiero entretener
    • what kept you? ¿por qué tardaste?
    • she was kept in hospital la dejaron ingresada
    • they kept me at the police station for hours me tuvieron horas en la comisaría
    • the teacher kept me after school la maestra me hizo quedar después de clase / me dejó castigado
  • 16

    (to adhere to)
    (promise/vow) cumplir
    he kept his word cumplió su palabra
    • she didn't keep the appointment faltó a la cita
  • 17

    (to observe, to celebrate)
    Religion guardar

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (to stay, to remain)
    to keep fit mantenerse en forma / en buen estado físico
    • to keep awake mantenerse despierto
    • can't you keep quiet? ¿no te puedes estar callado?
    • keep still! ¡estáte quieto! / ¡quédate quieto!
    • it's important to keep calm es importante mantener la calma
    • keep calm! ¡tranquilo!
    • he kept silent guardó silencio
    • it will keep fresh for several days se mantiene fresco unos cuantos días
  • 2

    (to continue)
    keep on this road siga por esta carretera
    • keep left/right siga por la izquierda/derecha
    • to keep -ing seguir + ger
    • keep talking/running sigue hablando/corriendo
    • you have to keep trying tienes que seguir intentándolo
    • we should have just kept going deberíamos haber seguido (adelante)
  • 3

    she keeps hitting me no deja de pegarme
    • he keeps interfering no deja de entrometerse
    • I keep thinking it's Tuesday today me ha dado por pensar que hoy es martes
    • I keep forgetting to bring it nunca me acuerdo / siempre me olvido de traerlo
  • 4

    (food) conservarse (fresco)
    it won't keep in this heat no se va a conservar (fresco) / se va a echar a perder con este calor
    • this cake will keep for several months este pastel se conserva / se puede guardar muchos meses
  • 5

    (matter/news) esperar
    I have something to tell you — will it keep till later? tengo algo que decirte — ¿puede esperar a más tarde?
  • 6informal

    (to be in certain state of health)
    how are you keeping? ¿qué tal estás? informal
    • I hope she's keeping well espero que siga / esté / ande bien