Translation of keep off in Spanish:

keep off

phrasal verb

  • 1

    (stay away)
    [ S ]keep off prohibido el paso
    • the rain kept off no llovió
  • 2

    • 2.1(stay away from)

      [ S ]keep off the grass prohibido pisar el césped
      • keep off my property! ¡no pisen mi propiedad!

    • 2.2(abstain from)

      (alcohol/cigarettes) evitar
      (cigarettes/alcohol) no tocar informal

    • 2.3(avoid)

      (subject) evitar
      (subject) no tocar
      I should keep off religion/politics while she's here mientras esté ella, mejor no hables de religión/política

  • 3

    • 3.1(cause to stay away from)

      keep your hands off me! ¡quítame las manos de encima!
      • he couldn't keep his eyes off her no le podía quitar los ojos de encima

    • 3.2(cause to abstain from)

      keep him off milk products for a month no le dé productos lácteos por un mes

    • 3.3(cause to avoid)

      keep her off the subject no la dejes hablar del tema
      • try to keep the conversation off the subject of money procura que no se toque el tema del dinero

  • 4

    (cause to stay away)
    the smell keeps the mosquitoes off el olor repele a los mosquitos
    • she carried a parasol to keep off the sun llevaba una sombrilla para protegerse del sol