Translation of keyboard in Spanish:


teclado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkiːbɔːd//ˈkiˌbɔrd/


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    teclado masculine
    (instrument) (before noun) de teclado
    with Jill Ivory on keyboards con Jill Ivory al teclado
    • keyboard operator operadora
    • keyboard player tecladista
    • keyboard skills habilidad para teclear
    • Her instruments include piano, electronic keyboard, and a digital drum machine.
    • He used electronic keyboards very early on - one of the first people in jazz to do so.
    • Piano was his principal instrument but he graduated to electronic keyboards and organ as fashions dictated.
    • I use other instruments, including the keyboard and bass guitar, to take my music to a crescendo.
    • Instrumentally, it's a cacophonous blend of drums, percussion, bass, keyboards and electronics.
    • You can never expect a piano tuner to be entirely happy working with an electronic keyboard, but rarely have I felt so frustrated.
    • By the late 1990s, electric guitars, keyboards, and snare drums were common in urban areas.
    • My main instrument is the guitar, although I also use keyboards, synthesisers, and sequencers in my musical meanderings.
    • His beginners, however, do not start on the piano or organ but the electronic keyboard.
    • The school teaches children various instruments from piano to electronic keyboard.
    • The saxophone also captures a great pitch and tempo that blends well with the slightly electronic sounding keyboards.
    • Thirty seconds later and the noise is obliterated by keyboards and electronic drums.
    • A multi-instrumentalist in high school, he played bass, guitar, keyboards, wind instruments, you name it.
    • To replace the fine organ with an electronic keyboard is bad enough, but to move the altar and remove the pews is quite unthinkable.
    • Now, they may play modern musical instruments such as drums and keyboards in the gamelan orchestra.
    • The first day of camp, girls choose instruments - guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, vocals or electronica - and form their bands.
    • The experimental sounds of keyboards and electric guitars add a contemporary influence.
    • Yet, worship leaders, armed with electronic keyboards and bass guitars, may not be theologically, let alone liturgically trained.
    • There's a bank of six keyboards along with electronic drum kits, as well as guitars and amps and all the usual stuff.
    • The ballet is set to Bach organ music, played on electronic keyboards geared to duplicate the sound of a traditional pipe organ.

transitive verb

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