Translation of keyhole surgery in Spanish:

keyhole surgery

cirugía no invasiva, n.


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    cirugía no invasiva feminine
    • They would support the recommendation for keyhole surgery on the basis of reduced discomfort at the time of surgery, early return to full activity, and lower incidence of wound infection or chronic groin pain.
    • Dutch surgeons have argued in the press that non-hospital care includes day treatment such as keyhole surgery and cataract and varicose vein operations.
    • He is a regular supplier of special surgical instruments for many doctors, including the micro-tipped instruments used for keyhole surgery.
    • Any other symptoms will depend on whether any keyhole surgery has been carried out and, if so, what sort.
    • Alloys that ‘remember’ their original shape after being deformed and revert to it on heating are widely used in many diverse applications from spectacle frames to instruments for keyhole surgery.
    • The Fallopian tubes are cut, tied or blocked, often through keyhole surgery.
    • After keyhole surgery patients nutrition is rapidly restored giving them the strength to heal and recover.
    • She was told he performed the then-new technique of keyhole surgery but understood it would be left until she was in the operating theatre before it would be decided if she would receive conventional or keyhole surgery.
    • However, keyhole surgery is associated with different risks, such as a higher risk than the open procedure of damage to neighbouring organs.
    • Crews were inspired by 16-month-old Suzanne Mawbey, who had keyhole surgery to remove a kidney, and is leading a campaign to update the hospital's equipment.
    • Bosses at St James's Hospital in Leeds have given their backing to plans costing £1.8m to carry out keyhole surgery using the robot.
    • In March 1999, the doctor carried out keyhole surgery on her to remove a cancerous bladder tumour.
    • Compared to open surgery, which involves a larger incision, keyhole surgery is less painful, carries less risk of infection, and enables people to recover more quickly.
    • His initial operation took place in September, when keyhole surgery was carried out to fix the damage.
    • Microsurgery and keyhole surgery are common place now - as is the use of lasers in surgery.
    • Some hernias are treated by keyhole surgery through a very small incision.
    • Sometimes, keyhole surgery is not possible and an ‘open’ cholecystectomy is necessary.
    • The rapid evolution of keyhole surgery has seen mitral valve procedures performed without sternotomy, using a left sided posterior mini-thoracotomy approach.
    • He was offered a newly developed keyhole surgery which meant he would recover faster than after conventional surgery and could return to work sooner.
    • And the transplant itself was undertaken using keyhole surgery.