Translation of kibosh in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈkʌɪbɒʃ//ˈkaɪˌbɑʃ/


  • 1

    to put the kibosh on sth dar al traste con algo informal
    • This puts the kybosh on any claims that quality has radically improved in the past couple of years.
    • But the shortage of ammunition, which allowed the game birds to grow in number, put the kibosh on shooting almost entirely, and the birds multiplied in comparative peace.
    • You can also take the capsules, but the liquid puts the kybosh on the appetite, pronto.
    • Were you ever with a guy in a relationship with somebody so obsessed with something that you had to kind of put the kibosh on either the guy or that thing?
    • The city council nearly put the kybosh on the appearance by objecting to the original plan - a midnight appearance - because of safety concerns.
    • Fortunately, Congress came to their senses and put the kybosh on the whole sordid affair.
    • Tim has a history of failed romances, generally because his meddling mom puts the kybosh on things.
    • It was only after King George III put the kibosh on the pipeline project that things changed.
    • Unfortunately, the snow's put the kybosh on most of the festival fun planned for Saturday.
    • Assuming he puts the kibosh on that request, I need some backup plans for infiltrating the ice cream store.