Translation of Kikuyu in Spanish:


kikuyu, adj.

Pronunciation /kɪˈkuːjuː//kɪˈkuju/


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    kikuyu masculine
    • Like India, Kenya too has many languages and Caroline writes poems in three languages, English, Swahili, and Kikuyu.
    • Other ethnic languages include Luo, Kikuyu, Kamba, Luyia, Gusii, and Kalenjin, which are usually spoken at home.
    • Major ethnic languages in Kenya include Kikuyu, Luo, Kiluyia, Kikamba, Samburu, Maasai, and others.
    • EAE is greatly influenced by such languages as Swahili at large, Kikuyu in Kenya, Chichewa in Malawi, Luo in Kenya and Tanzania, and Shona in Zimbabwe.
    • The Kenyan writer Ngugi has become so distrustful of the capacity of English to capture the nuances of his stories that he now only writes in his native Kikuyu.
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    kikuyu masculine
    • For his generation that was born in Kenya with its mixture of Kikuyus and whites, Indians and Masais, the memories are of the magical years of school and friendships and the lurking fear of violence that was never far away.
    • Among the Kikuyu of Kenya, a person of advanced age is said to be as old as Kagogo, the vernacular reference to the hadada ibis.
    • There are a large number of strong and influential ethnic groupings in Kenya including the Kikuyu, Luo, Kelanjin, Samburu and the Masai.
    • Although most members were Kikuyus, they encouraged all ethnic groups to join together to achieve independence.
    • By the 1950s urbanization was combining with grievances about forced labour during the Second World War, and with the ongoing land question, to produce unprecedented resentment among the Kikuyu.