Translation of killing in Spanish:


asesinato, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɪlɪŋ//ˈkɪlɪŋ/


  • 1

    (of person) asesinato masculine
    (of animal) matanza feminine
    to avoid the killing of civilians para evitar que murieran civiles
    • the barbaric killing of innocent people la sanguinaria matanza de inocentes
    • to make a killing forrarse
    • Between them they have amassed hundreds of years in sentences and committed numerous killings.
    • Officers at the scene said it was one of the most brutal killings they had ever seen.
    • But they are quick to seize on other killings to try to justify the occupation.
    • There are documented cases of rape as a tool of war, mass killings and kidnappings.
    • He is also writing about his memories of the deaths, some of which were notorious killings.
    • Everyone assumes that killings are political, and no serious investigations take place.
    • From now on things worsened with killings and bombings almost a regular occurrence.
    • It's widely acknowledged that the killings are the result of a drug related turf war.
    • There are equally new accounts on how the machetes and axes used in the killings were imported.
    • Vernon ends up taking the rap for the killings and is sentenced to death.
    • Scotland Yard do not connect the present murders with those earlier killings.
    • Extra police and troops were at once moved into the area but it is feared that more killings are likely.
    • Murder, including serial killings, fall under the jurisdiction of state authorities.
    • I came to know of the killings of my parents only about a year after their death.
    • An appeal for information on the killings is reported to have yielded no response.
    • This is the way things are done here and if this money will stop any sort of revenge killings then it is worth it.
    • It is a poison which has only ever been used for one-on-one killings and attempted killings.
    • The brutal killings, many of which were committed using knives and swords, had begun.
    • The village of Murma is in shock over the brutal killings of two young boys by their teacher.
    • A few public men, carried away by the excitement, attempted to justify these killings.



  • 1

    (schedule/pace) matador informal
    • DH is the supervisor of the maintenance area and is having problems keeping people, and the killing schedule is a big part of the reason.
    • Sounds like a killing timetable dear - try to take care of yourself in all this!
    • Fatigue is the killing weight of expectation; and that burden is another good reason for fearing the worst.
  • 2British dated

    para morirse de (la) risa informal