Translation of kilohertz in Spanish:


kilohercio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɪləhəːts//ˈkɪləˌhərts/


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    kilohercio masculine
    • Modern tubes approach that ideal by drawing power at such high frequencies - tens of kilohertz - that the x-ray output is steady apart from a ripple of a few percent.
    • Most bats emit sonar at ultrasonic frequencies around 20-60 kilohertz (humans hear up to 20 kHz), and this is the range at which hearing moths are most sensitive!
    • By comparison, a typical AM radio station operates in the kilohertz range, or thousands of cycles per second.
    • Another curious aspect to leopard seal vocalizations is their use of high-pitched clicks up to 165 kilohertz, a frequency far beyond the range of normal human hearing.
    • The sonar that will be used has a frequency of 170 kilohertz and is considered safe for the animals.