Translation of kindergarten in Spanish:


jardín de infancia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɪndərˌɡɑrtn//ˈkɪndərˌɡɑrdn//ˈkɪndəˌɡɑːt(ə)n/


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    jardín de infancia masculine
    kindergarten masculine
    jardín infantil masculine Chile
    jardín de infantes masculine River Plate
    • I discussed negotiation skills in business schools, sang nursery rhymes in kindergartens and lectured on contemporary British culture at numerous universities for the British Council.
    • Robert Fulghum is right to say that the world would be a much better place if everyone would do what they learned in kindergarten.
    • Her role, and that of other men and women, in urging education for women resulted in the establishment of kindergartens and the Advanced School for Girls, the first government secondary school for girls in Australia.
    • Contrast this with PowerPoint: children can learn it in kindergarten, it is so easy.
    • He visited a range of educational establishments, from kindergarten to university.
    • The ability to see patterns is usually not a liability, in fact it is one of the primary skills taught in schools from kindergarten to college.
    • It wasn't just a question of choosing the right kindergarten and school, it was the right kind of party bag and the right sort of cake.
    • She added that Play Days would not be in competition with the kindergarten, which provides care in the mornings or afternoons and not all day.
    • He said he was too busy and came to Glasgow to open a kindergarten instead.
    • The unattractive appearance of the lesions may worry parents, and children are often barred from schools and kindergartens because of fear of spread of the infection.
    • He sounds like a kindergarten teacher explaining to little kids about imagination.
    • Its stronghold is in Gaza, where it has curried loyalty from impoverished Palestinians by offering an array of social services, from kindergartens to health clinics.
    • We've secured funds to build houses, health centres and kindergartens.
    • She was a bright child and very good at drawing and writing, so that the morning kindergarten was a godsend to her, and to me.
    • Four children in Singapore are believed to have died from the disease which has infected about 1150 people there, prompting the city-state to close all kindergartens and childcare centres.
    • In addition, the church will sharply reduce its extensive support for kindergartens and cut the number of religion teachers it sends to public schools.
    • If both parents wish to resume careers, they will find that the cost of childcare in some Scottish kindergartens is twice as much per week as it is in Finland per month.
    • Are we to believe the little tinkers were using language of the kindergarten?
    • Not until World War II sent mothers back into the workforce did the Commonwealth government subsidise crèches and kindergartens.
    • The toys were then taken to the north of Albania by the charity and distributed between the kindergartens there.