Translation of kindly in Spanish:


amablemente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈkʌɪndli//ˈkaɪn(d)li/


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    • 1.1(generously)

      they kindly invited me to join them tuvieron la gentileza de invitarme a ir con ellos
      • And maybe some people will join because they feel lonely and want to be part of a group that treats them kindly and with respect.
      • No matter what the period was and what the issues were, the leadership has always regarded kindly and respected the China Youth Daily.
      • Imagine his surprise on Christmas Eve when he opened his post, only to see the bank had kindly sent him on a brand spanking new chequebook - for pounds.
      • To put it kindly, the manner in which juniors are treated varies a great deal from club to club.
      • He asked his mom, who kindly informed us that it would be blackfish, a fairly popular fish in many parts of Asia.
      • Kaezik answered her kindly, a model of charm and manners.
      • Generous support from the Markle Foundation is kindly acknowledged.
      • The nurses at the geriatric hospital kindly shared his care with the family.
      • With due respect to your person I kindly wish to ask for your attention and consideration just for a while.
      • The Times of India very kindly provided the stickers.
      • All visa applicants are kindly referred to apply at the respective embassies in Bangkok only.
      • Well, we spoke before the break and you very kindly gave us your frank and honest overall view that that particular recommendation had not been handled well or at all.
      • In this he was assisted by a lady of the court whom he had broken into in another manner, and who felt kindly towards him.
      • I have a novel idea, let's treat one another kindly, with dignity and respect.
      • There will once again be a raffle with more lovely prizes kindly donated by the generous business people of Tramore.
      • He received Augustine kindly, and Monica held him in deep respect as a pastor.
      • Jack Clancy of Clancy's Bar has kindly provided generous sponsorship to subsidise transport to Coleraine.
      • Evidently he's heard about kindly respectful paparazzi and wants to test the water.
      • He says it kindly, and I think that he might actually respect my opinion.
      • Is it possible for you and your husband to talk honestly, kindly and straightforwardly to each other?

    • 1.2(adding polite emphasis)

      passengers are kindly requested to ... se ruega a los pasajeros tengan la amabilidad de ...
      • Can someone kindly explain to me what all the recent fuss is about on the freedom pass issue.
      • We are requesting the public to kindly organise a Coffee Day in your own home, work place, or local area.
      • I would request you to kindly alter the duration of a day on earth from the present 24 hours to 32 hours.
      • If there is some other reason for offering the staff money, kindly explain.
      • Prime Minister, would you kindly explain why taxes must rise?

    • 1.3(expressing annoyance, impatience)

      kindly explain to me how ... tenga la bondad de explicarme cómo ...
      • kindly keep your opinions to yourself si no te importa, preferiría que te guardaras tu opinión

  • 2

    they didn't take kindly to my suggestion no recibieron demasiado bien mi sugerencia
    • she doesn't take kindly to being contradicted no le hace ninguna gracia que la contradigan
    • not to look kindly on sth no ver algo con buenos ojos


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    she gave him a kindly look lo miró comprensiva