Translation of kindred in Spanish:


de la misma familia, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkɪndrɪd//ˈkɪndrəd/


  • 1literary

    (languages/tribes) de la misma familia
    • The Pew Global Attitudes Survey that Walt cites reveals that poverty, global stewardship, AIDS, and kindred issues matter a great deal to people around the world.
    • That ensures that the book is treated seriously in The New York Times Book Review and kindred publications.
    • Just as its kindred discipline yoga has been embraced by buttoned-down lawyers and accountants, tai chi is no longer limited to hemp-clad New Agers who impose vegan diets on their pets.
    • For example, does the Internet, while connecting people with kindred interests, also facilitate social isolation and risk of depression?
    • A growing constellation of kindred souls linked together there, makes it extra worthwhile.
    • At the time, she was dealing with fickle-mother syndrome and abandonment issues, and sensed a kindred soul.
    • ‘We often use containers made of Bakelite, or a kindred substance, to store various perishable food-stuffs in the larder,’ he explained.
    • The harmony of analogous colors would suggest that unity is achieved through the kindred efforts of the many parts.
    • Someone you consider a kindred soul will either help fill an emotional void or guide you through a difficult situation.
    • Together the two kindred souls find common pleasure in exploring the delights of an alien culture, even while discovering a little bit about themselves.
    • But somehow, they'd found each other - kindred in a strange sort of way.
    • It was a time to rejoice in her accomplishments, and I couldn't help but feel a kindred pride with the other assembled parents and siblings.
    • There are some kids who struggle more than others, and in them Loralee sees a kindred heart.
    • This was no less than a call to the nations of the world to gather together and discuss a halt to the arms race, and kindred subjects.
    • It was when he confessed that he had never sent his wife flowers that I felt that rush of kindred feeling.
    • Luckily, he found a kindred soul in Bangalore Police Commissioner S. Mariswamy.
    • They were kindred souls, who had grown up together as neighbours, and naturally, had fallen in love.
    • But we would rather hand them down to some erudite and kindred soul.
    • This was the only way a kindred soul could recognise you, saving you from a lonely existence.
    • It helps, as it always does with sport, to have some kind of kindred bond with one of the teams, however tenuous that may be.
  • 2

    del mismo tipo
    he and I are kindred spirits somos almas gemelas

plural noun

  • 1

    familiares masculine