Translation of kinship in Spanish:


parentesco, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɪnʃɪp//ˈkɪnˌʃɪp/


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    (blood relationship) parentesco masculine
    (similarity) similitud feminine
    • Relationships are not given in kinship but rather need to be made and continually remade.
    • But what do refusals to engage with kinship's allegedly sordid past achieve?
    • Inuit social organization was largely based on bilateral kinship relations.
    • This, ultimately, is a play about existential resemblances and contrasts, kinships and irreconcilables, uncomfortable truths and futile lies that underlie delicate relationships and unbridgeable chasms.
    • Becoming a friend gave one the rights and obligations associated with kinship.
    • They shared a special kinship as their daughters both suffered from the same disease and were roughly the same age.
    • Within classes there are strong kinship bonds, which help maintain the social structure.
    • At the same time, it revealed for me kinships that the vast machinery of global capital and state politics works so hard to keep hidden.
    • That is why we profess a spiritual kinship with primitive and archaic art.
    • In conventional wisdom, the family refers to those to whom we are related by blood kinship.
    • We share a kinship that I've never had with anyone else, save my parents and Uncle Terry.
    • For ethnic Fijians, interpersonal relationships and social behavior are governed by links of kinship.
    • Matrilineal kinship was relatively unknown in the rest of India, though it was not unusual in Kerala itself.
    • Flesh and bone, or, as in the later idiom, flesh and blood, thus epitomizes kinship, the tangible bonds between family members.
    • We had a kinship because of our Irishness and because he had seen and related to my work.
    • It attempted to create kinship without blood in the face of an enduring equivalence between blood and belonging.
    • Betrayal of the figure who embodies loyalty to community and kinship can be read as a choice to follow a foreign set of values.
    • Social relations among the Luo are governed by rules of kinship, gender, and age.
    • It is bound together by kinship ties of blood and especially brotherhood.
    • For Benjamin, translation functions not simply to transcribe accurately the content of the original language into another but also, and more importantly, to seek kinships between both languages.
    • The link between patrilineal kinship and patriarchy requires far more scrutiny than is possible in this paper.
    • A minority bands together and feels a kinship, if only for a moment that is as long as a muttered wassup, man?
    • Kenyans place a high value on family relationships and the importance of kinship.
    • I developed a kinship with sickly romantic poets who couldn't play games.
    • It is therefore almost impossible to separate kinship from trading relations and cooperation.
    • Though different, we share similarities, kinships, commitments, and suffering, and this common ground is as significant as the privileging of the individual.
    • The unmanageable profusion of tags for people, places, and kinships, distinguishes scientific expertise from other modes of knowledge and authority.
    • Comparison of DNA in living humans provides clues to ancestral kinships.
    • Likewise there is no established framework of social relations, such as kinship, which people can be slotted into.
    • Patterns of traditional kinship still shape the social conventions of family life.
    • I really like it when ladies write me, because I feel a real kinship with women.
    • We have more and more opportunity to be unlimited in our kinships; to find like minds and make new places.
    • In the matrifocal household type, kinship rules stress matrilinear descent.
    • He does not feel a kinship with the countries of his forebears.
    • Nonetheless, as other passages from the book make clear, the relationships between artists and their supporters do not imply ideological kinships between them.
    • There's an obvious kinship between skateboarding and contact improvisation.
    • Suffice it to say that men are freaks, and I feel a budding kinship with all of the world's borderline lesbians.
    • Their body language revealed a kinship forged on set in the Philippines.
    • There's, sort of, six people who know what we do, and I feel a kinship to them, as opposed to a rivalry.
    • Nor were they bound together solely by ties of kinship or blood.