Translation of kiosk in Spanish:


quiosco, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkiːɒsk//ˈkiˌɑsk/


  • 1

    quiosco masculine
    • All along the middle of these blocks are kiosks selling various wares of t-shirts and handbags and jewellery etc.
    • The popularisation of orange juice, sold at a kiosk at Flinders Street Station, was one of his novelties.
    • I asked the lady in the kiosk for two adult tickets and she said: ‘Where are your children?’
    • Its newspaper La Vérité was sold publicly in newspaper kiosks and had a wide readership.
    • In Greece, couples are offered a range of incentives to have more than one child, including tax relief and licences for taxis and newspaper kiosks.
    • We bought bus tickets at a nearby kiosk before getting on board.
    • For example, Unilever sells soap through street vendors and Coca-Cola is sold through kiosks.
    • These are admission tickets, which means there is no need to queue at the ticket kiosk and there will be no price increase after booking.
    • A kiosk sold magazines and public transport tickets beside the turnstile for the Powell-Mason Cable car.
    • We've got a kiosk in reception that sells items you might need for a reasonable price.
    • Villages appear more frequently, and with them sheaves of corn hanging from verandas, chillies drying in the sun and small kiosks selling random goods.
    • In the event, he left the magazine at home and the kiosk had sold out so he had to buy the Times and fold it to the size of the Listener.
    • Fans could bet on the numbers in bars, barber shops, newspaper kiosks, and other neighborhood outlets.
    • The last surviving assassin, Tito still deals in luck and fate, selling lottery tickets from a kiosk.
    • Starbucks plan to roll out coffee kiosks at airports and supermarkets to meet this ambitious target.
    • The venue will be part of a small tented complex including toilets and kiosks for sweets and refreshments.
    • A refreshment kiosk is already on the site which is leased out as an annual franchise by the council.
    • Most resorts have amenities such as a restaurant, shop, kiosk, swimming pool and filling station.
    • The anticorruption campaign proved most successful in the districts with the highest concentration of newspaper kiosks.
    • Here's a tip for you - don't follow the herds of tourists queueing to buy tickets at the kiosk near the garden entrance.
  • 2telephone kiosk

    cabina (telefónica) feminine