Translation of kit bag in Spanish:

kit bag

bolsa, n.


Pronunciation /kɪt bæɡ//ˈkɪtbaɡ/



  • 1

    bolsa feminine
    Military petate masculine
    • All of us scheduled for that flight ate a hearty breakfast that morning, then carried our packed kitbags to the front of the hotel.
    • One boy, carrying a kitbag over his shoulder in true military style, kept humming to himself as he marched along.
    • According to this view, international law is but one tool in the diplomatic kitbag that can be utilized to justify politically motivated actions.
    • I picked up my kitbag and marched aboard the troopship Empire Fowey, bound for Singapore and Malaya, although we did not know this at the time as it was top secret.
    • His kitbag stood in the corner as he was due to return to his barracks that night.