Translation of kite in Spanish:


cometa, n.

Pronunciation /kʌɪt//kaɪt/


  • 1

    cometa feminine
    barrilete masculine River Plate
    papalote masculine Mexico Central America Cuba
    papagayo masculine Venezuela
    volantín masculine Chile
    • Alex said that when he was about six, he remembers hiking to the top of a mountain with his grandparents and flying kites with his grandfather.
    • A large crowd of spectators gathered to watch multi-coloured kites of all shapes and sizes soaring and looping over the town.
    • Kids were flying kites and men were playing soccer.
    • Small children ran about with kites or pet dogs, their nannies close behind.
    • Despite one close call when it dropped so far that the line briefly got caught in the branches of a tree, I kept the kite airborne for the best part of half an hour.
  • 2

    milano masculine
    • Proponents claimed that the improved stork habitat would benefit the kites as well, which also frequented that area.
    • Today, in a scene the Victorians would have recognised, kites can be seen flying 50 ft above villages in the Chilterns.
    • He claims the kites interact with pheasants without any problems, and many gamekeepers in the area are supportive of the birds.
    • To date 42 young kites have been released into the wild from a secret site located on the Harewood Estate, near Leeds.
    • Initially, they could not figure out if the bird was a kite or an eagle.
    • Apparently a few years back there were only six pairs of breeding kites in the UK (in mid-Wales, I believe), but thankfully they have been thriving and multiplying since then.

transitive verb


  • 1

    to kite a check presentar un cheque sin fondos
    • He was up to his ears in debt - always kiting checks before payday.
    • The book opens with Blanche White in jail for unsuccessfully kiting checks to buy groceries with.
    • Prosecutors haven't revealed how he was tracked down, but as part of the plea deal they agreed not to prosecute the former fed for kiting checks through his Bank of America account while a fugitive.
    • I resolved to press for the release of all the names of those who kited checks at the Bank.
    • When the inter-bank settlement system temporarily fails to clear transactions banks are effectively ‘bouncing or kiting checks’ to each other.