Translation of kitsch in Spanish:


kitsch, n.

Pronunciation /kɪtʃ//kɪtʃ/


  • 1

    kitsch masculine
    (ornaments/decor/story) (before noun) (invariable adjective) kitsch
    • I don't think of our show in terms of music theatre, because it's original, fairly serious and it isn't kitsch or camp.
    • London's victory was announced only after a presentation ceremony that scaled new heights of kitsch.
    • It may be hidden inside a casino but it's a world away from the glitz, chrome and kitsch of the rest of the city.
    • The decor was simple Balkan style: classy but rustic, without the element of kitsch.
    • It treads a delicate line between tasteful extravagance and over-the-top kitsch.
    • The good news for lovers of overwrought kitsch is that the second series promises to live up, or down, to expectations.
    • There's only one thing that's worse than kitsch and that's fashionably ironic kitsch.
    • The cover photographs for Eternal Youth show images that ought to be kitsch, or camp, but aren't.
    • The sentiment behind this memorial may be admirable, but the result is pure kitsch.
    • Lloyd Webber is devoted to Victorian art and cannot resist kitsch so long as it is Victorian kitsch.
    • They ask, quite reasonably, how can you tell the difference between kitsch and tacky?
    • Call it kitsch if you like, but this karaoke scene offers something which is sadly lacking from much of the contemporary social scene.
    • This New York circus duo have been a hit off-Broadway with their brand of vaudeville, kitsch and bad behaviour.
    • Roy is keen to exploit the current vogue for things kitsch, promising glamorous, Seventies costumes.
    • You don't have to be a fan of anime to enjoy the music - but it would be better if you're a fan of kitsch.
    • Those who love kitsch and enjoy the unreality of stage musicals will adore the colours, because they're fully in bloom.
    • Their obsessions were B-movies and beat music; kitsch sci-fi and kitchen-sink romance.
    • Whether you consider this too cool for words or the height of kitsch is up to you.
    • Why is it that with so much talent out there, you guys jump behind something that's only good for its kitsch value?
    • Hopkins's watercolors may sometimes come a little too close to kitsch for comfort.