Translation of knave in Spanish:


truhán, n.

Pronunciation /neɪv//neɪv/


  • 1archaic

    truhán masculine dated
    bellaco masculine archaic
    • Due to my poor performance as a husband, father, and provider, I can claim the role of knave, or general ne'er-do-well.
    • Instead, according to the same Daily Record, he is a knave and a liar.
    • In general, Winter seems to feel that most writers are either the ‘good guys’ or the knaves, and allows for very little middle ground.
    • I'm glad he's going since IMO, the man is a fool and a knave.
    • Gentleman, you see, do not play cricket with knaves.
  • 2

    (in cards) jota feminine
    (in Spanish pack) sota feminine