Translation of knee in Spanish:


rodilla, n.

Pronunciation /ni//niː/


  • 1

    rodilla feminine
    my/his knees were knocking me/le temblaban las piernas
    • knee joint articulación de la rodilla
    • He hasn't played since the third preseason game because of a sprained knee.
    • I couldn't walk, and my doctor couldn't operate on my knee until I lost some weight.
    • He was treated by the school's first aider for a grazed knee and bruised wrist before being sent back to continue with lessons.
    • For instance, be sure you can extend and flex your injured knee as fully as the other one.
    • He rested on the floor on his hands and knees complaining of severe abdominal pain.
    • She sat on her bed and drew her knees up under her chin.
    • He will be out for the season after having an operation on his knee to repair cruciate ligaments.
    • Josiah leaned forward, his left palm resting on the corresponding knee.
    • She reached across and patted his knee.
    • She tried to stand but found her knees too weak to support her weight.
    • He sat on the bed, hugging his knees to his chin.
    • In order to look good, shorts should fall a little above the knees and fit nicely around your buttocks and legs.
    • Your right foot should be flat on the floor; your left knee, slightly bent.
    • The problem is a cyst in his knee which may require surgery but should not keep Mark out of action for too long.
    • She slowly got up and her knees buckled.
    • He wore black shorts that reached down to his knees.
    • With my teeth chattering and my knees wobbling, I somehow managed to climb the steps to the second floor.
    • Sleep on your back if possible, with knees raised on a pillow.
    • Lower your left knee toward the ground, dropping your hips straight down until your right thigh is parallel with the floor.
    • My hands are shaking and my knees feel weak.
  • 2

    rodilla feminine
    my trousers have gone at the knee se me han roto los pantalones en la rodilla
    • All of her jeans were torn and ripped at the knees and hem.
    • I fell twice on the way home, soaking my mittens and the knees of my leggings.
    • She wore tight black jeans ripped at the knees, a tight black shirt, and chunky black combat boots.
    • She was wearing badly worn jeans with holes in both knees, a white tee shirt that was much too big to be her own and a faded denim jacket with several small holes in it.
    • His too-big jeans were ripped in the knees, and his tee shirt was worn into a thin fabric.
    • She wore her dark brown hair in braided pigtails with a red bandana and the knee of her overalls sported an overly large hole.
    • Slightly taper the pant leg on the inseam from the knee down and on the outer seam from the hip down.
    • On the evening of her disappearance, she was wearing a pink sleeveless top, blue jeans with holes in the knees, a khaki duffel coat and black trainers.
    • My jeans had a grass stain on the knee.
    • Faulkner wore jeans faded at the knees, a broad hat, and photochromic sunglasses.
  • 3informal

    rodillazo masculine
    he gave him a knee in the back le pegó un rodillazo en la espalda

transitive verb

  • 1

    darle un rodillazo a
    pegarle un rodillazo a
    he kneed me in the groin me dio un rodillazo en la ingle
    • He grabbed my arm, and instead of letting him kick me I kneed him in the groin.
    • But as Lloyd and his friend left the premises the victim pursued him, grabbing him by the scruff of his neck and kneeing him in the groin.
    • The last time a guy tried to do that to me, I kneed him in the groin.
    • Ruane fled into a working men's club in Blossom Street, and when a policeman followed him there, kneed him in the groin, causing him a sharp pain.
    • PC Nick Smith tried to restrain her but she swore at him and then, when he tried to handcuff her, kneed him in the groin.
    • I punched hard at the side of his face, and then kneed him hard in the stomach.
    • But eyewitnesses had earlier told the court how the youth had set upon Mr Worrell, kneeing him in the face before deliberately stabbing him in the chest.
    • Pearl kneed him hard in the stomach giving herself a chance to get free.
    • And not having slept on my own for more than three weeks, I now can't seem to drop off without someone next to me hogging the duvet and kneeing me in the back.
    • He is accused of throwing the 37-year-old saleswoman against a wall, kneeing her in the head and striking her head on the ground.
    • Mckenna stepped forward and kneed him in the stomach.
    • I kneed him in the stomach and when he stumbled back I kicked him.