Translation of knit in Spanish:


hacer, v.

Pronunciation /nɪt//nɪt/

transitive verbknitted, knitting

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (sweater) (by hand) hacer
      (sweater) (by hand) tejer
      (sweater) (with machine) tejer
      (sweater) (with machine) tricotar Spain
      knit one, purl one uno (al) derecho, uno (al) revés
      • knit two together coger dos puntos juntos
      • she can knit you up a scarf in a day te puede hacer / tejer una bufanda en un día
      • Aunt Christina sat beside him knitting a primrose-coloured jumper for me.
      • I came across her in the sitting room avidly reading a magazine while knitting a scarf for the hospice shop.
      • Tonight I was finishing up a hat I had knitted for my niece.
      • My grandmother knit it for my Dad when he went off to university.
      • After breakfast, Rema sat in the living room to finish knitting a sweater for Maria.
      • Today she was wearing one of her muddy brown, knitted sweaters, flared bellbottoms, and those fancy Birkenstock sandals.
      • My grandmother annually knits sweaters for all the grandchildren.
      • I'm also knitting a sweater for a friend's new baby.
      • Members of the cooperative spin and dye wool, knit sweaters, and also make ceramic crafts.
      • In the blistering heat, and in true family tradition, I was dressed in corduroys and a heavy knitted sweater.
      • She passed by the living room, where his mother was sitting in a rocking chair, knitting a sweater.
      • In her spare time, she knitted socks and jumpers.
      • She wore a white knitted sweater with a matching skirt.
      • I'm also spending this weekend trying to finish knitting a baby sweater.
      • Over that, she had a blue sweater that her grandmother had knitted for her.
      • When we were kids, my Aunt Joan knitted Christmas stockings for everybody in the family.
      • In the evenings, my mother read to us, and we knitted socks and sweaters for my dad in the army, and listened to the radio.
      • I've knitted a scarf for Jr, and now I'm making one for me.
      • My granny knitted that scarf for me when I went to high school and it meant a lot to me.
      • All jumpers, cardigans and socks were knitted by hand.

    • 1.2knitted" or US "knit past participle

      (jacket/cuffs) de punto
      (cuffs/jacket) tejido

  • 2

    • 2.1(join, unite)

      (bones) soldar
      they are a tightly knit family son / es una familia muy unida
      • Some fractured bones do not knit back together well and this can lead to a slow recovery, with surgery needed to help the bones to unite.
      • He was taken to York District Hospital, where surgeons operated the next day, inserting a pin in the tibia to help knit the bones together.
      • Broken bones knit, wounds heal often without scarring or permanent disability and those that do scar, although unsightly, leave less of a mark than scars on the mind.
      • It was clear he was going to be fit for the Olympics, but he was worried about how the team would knit together.
      • When he was later transferred to the government hospital at his parents' request, the doctors found that his bones had knitted in the wrong way and could not be corrected.
      • Yet more often than not, efforts to knit together national economies fall victim to obstructionism.
      • These men were knit together by the personal bond they each had with their king or chieftain.
      • He went for a final scan and it was all clear and the bone has knitted perfectly.
      • He says that his account is knitted together from eye-witness evidence at the trial.
      • The problem is that the show doesn't knit together.
      • For the first 12 weeks I lay in bed at home in a morphine-induced haze as my bones slowly knitted.
      • We are very fortunate to have a group of staff who knit together as a team and excel in what they do.
      • He said it was very heartening to see such a closely knit family.
      • At least four of those weeks will require that arm being splinted while the bone knits back together.
      • My physician had not put my arm in a cast, so any movement was quite painful until the bones knitted.
      • The book consists of disparate material roughly knitted together.
      • Bruises fade, cuts heal, bones knit; the trick is staying alive long enough for it to happen.
      • This may be necessary where the broken ends of bone cannot easily be brought back together or kept close enough to allow them to knit together.
      • The bone knitted back together and the flesh and muscle followed.
      • Europe, viciously divided against itself for centuries, has knit together into a democratic and civil society.
      • Traditional Thai families are closely knit, often incorporating servants and employees.
      • Small-leaved plants that tolerate close clipping will quickly knit together to form a seamless hedge.
      • Increasingly the county was knit together by improvements in transport.
      • This is a very difficult situation for Michael and for his family, but in some sense, it's made him and his family stronger, and even more closely knit.
      • And, in attempting to knit together the play's domestic and political strands, Mitchell overloads the final scene.
      • The closely knit community has rallied round to help the MacDonald family as they rebuild their lives.
      • After all, electronic communication is the fastest way to knit together an operation that has spread to 30 locations around the world.
      • This idea enabled the two theories to be knitted together, and the differing concepts they embodied to be brought into a working relationship.
      • Many houses have large kitchens in which closely knit Belgian families can gather.
      • The bones had started to knit long before she'd been brought into the hospital.
      • And we've been a close knit trio every since.
      • The family system is so closely knit here that there is simply no room for any one member of the family to be discarded.

intransitive verbknitted, knitting

  • 1

    (by hand) tejer
    (by hand) hacer punto Spain
    (by hand) hacer calceta Spain
    (with machine) tejer
    (with machine) tricotar Spain
  • 2

    (bones) soldarse
  • 3

    his brows knitted in a frown frunció el ceño