Translation of krill in Spanish:


krill, n.

Pronunciation /krɪl//krɪl/


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    krill masculine
    camarón antártico masculine
    • But when the humpbacks are rounding up krill - small, shrimpy crustaceans - the net may be as small as five feet across.
    • But in years of no sea ice, what krill the researchers found were significantly larger.
    • Gómez-Gutiérrez said that he does not know how the parasites get inside the krill, but that once inside they eat all the krill's organs.
    • Opportunistic feeders, they surface-feed, gulping small schooling fish, pelagic crabs, and swarms of krill when encountered.
    • Frazer determined that sea ice algae were the main food source of larval krill during winter.
    • Depending on the species, whales are either major consumers of plankton or krill or they are major predators, feeding on seals, fish, and penguins.
    • In coastal areas during the non-breeding season, fish, krill and other marine creatures make up a large portion of their diet.
    • For example, during its primary feeding season the blue whale consumes upwards of 40 million krill each day in order to secure adequate nutrition.
    • Masses of the parasite grow inside the krill, eat its organs, divide, and then burst out of their host's dead body in search of new victims.
    • They eat mostly krill - tiny shrimp-like organisms - and fish.
    • The underside of the ice acts like an upside-down coral reef, providing young krill both food and shelter.
    • The acid is found in organisms, including sardines and krill that eat the algae and that are in turn eaten by the squid.
    • Parliament's resolution said that seals and whales eat at least 5.5 million tons of fish and krill a year, double the tonnage caught by fishermen.
    • The krill, in turn, are the Adelie penguins' primary food.
    • If, however, they make the journey safely to the West coast of Greenland, they'll soon thrive on a rich diet of herring, eel and the shrimp-like krill.
    • The baleen whales feed primarily on plankton and krill.
    • His work has focused on the whales' principal food, the inch-long, shrimplike marine animals known as krill.
    • Jimmy watches as the krill contracts violently, trying to escape the forceps as Simon plucks her from the net and drops her onto a petri dish.
    • Female krill were later analyzed for ovarian physiological maturity.
    • The other birds forage at sea for fish, squid, and krill (small, shrimplike crustaceans).