Translation of L-plate in Spanish:


placa de la L, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛlpleɪt//ˈɛlpleɪt/


  • 1

    (in UK)
    placa de la L feminine
    (placa que se debe exhibir en el coche cuando se aprende a conducir) placa de prácticas feminine
    • According to the New Zealand Road Code, learner motorcycle riders must display L-plates, should not travel over 70 kph and must not ride vehicles over 250 cc.
    • If it is a provisional licence, L-plates must be displayed and they must have taken their compulsory basic training.
    • At present, there are about 340,000 drivers with L-plates and some of them have been driving for as long as 15 years, according to official figures.
    • Driving instructors and parents will no longer be able to use the traditional method of teaching manoeuvres, even with L-plates.
    • Do they have to hold a licence, to pass a test, be insured, display L-plates, or are they exempt and not obliged to wear crash helmets?
    • Another issue is that of learner drivers driving for years on L-plates with seeming impunity.
    • The mopeds and scooters would be 50 cc models which are restricted to 30 mph and can be ridden by 16-year-olds with a provisional license and L-plates.
    • If you have a driving licence issued before February 2001 you can drive one immediately without L-plates.
    • Those who passed driving tests before February 2001 are entitled to drive the scooters, which are classed as below 50 cc, without L-plates or training but the company recommends a basic driving course.
    • Unfortunately the Elise hadn't been fitted with L-plates and the novice's driving technique drew some inevitable attention.
    • It was only when he arrived home holding a piece of paper that his father knew he could remove the L-plates.
    • A learner driver is also to be prosecuted for having no L-plates and being unsupervised.
    • That's why I think green L-plates (to indicate that the driver has only just passed their driving test) are a good idea.