Translation of la-la land in Spanish:

la-la land

Los Angeles, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlɑːlɑːland//ˈlɑlɑ ˌlænd/



  • 1

    (Los Angeles) Los Angeles
    (Hollywood) Hollywood masculine
  • 2

    (dream world)
    mundo de ensueño masculine
    mundo ideal masculine
    he lives in la-la land vive en las nubes
    • So anyone who does not think this is going to turn into a media circus is in la-la land, quite frankly.
    • We thought you were in la-la land or something!
    • Uncle Rick was listening to the talk between the women and Mr. Lewis was off in la-la land.
    • I smiled, and watched her drift off to la-la land.
    • And anyone who thinks that research can or will be done elsewhere is living in la-la land.
    • He shook his head, quickly bringing himself back from la-la land.
    • Josh was worried; the girl appeared to be off in la-la land again.
    • Kids who were in la-la land when we read Claude McKay or listened to Maya Angelou or watched another kid read her poem for the class would suddenly snap to full engaged attention when it was time to read their poems.
    • A few minutes later, I dozed off into la-la land.
    • His dreamy smile faded, and he returned from la-la land.
    • But anyone who thinks those words are evidence that he was somehow enamoured of the regime is living in la-la land.
    • She finally snapped out of la-la land and stood up when she saw me standing there.
    • Their breasts were smeared with a strong but relatively tasteless drug that sent the victims off to la-la land.
    • And I think there were a lot of Democrats before the war who were in la-la land about this national security issue.
    • This has allowed the NSC Director to wander off into academic la-la land, taking Bush along with her.
    • She couldn't afford to go off to la-la land while driving.
    • Then, he also gave in to the sandman and drifted off to his own la-la land.
    • I stayed with him as they put the little cone over his nose to send him to kitty la-la land and all was well.
    • I was floating off into la-la land when my phone beeped loudly, making me jump.
    • No one could concentrate on the book; well, not that they could usually concentrate on something as dull as literature, but they were even more in la-la land that day than any other.