Translation of label in Spanish:


etiqueta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈleɪbəl//ˈleɪb(ə)l/


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    • 1.1

      (on bottle, file) etiqueta feminine
      (on bottle, file) rótulo masculine
      (on clothing, luggage) etiqueta feminine
      (on clothing, luggage) marbete masculine
      sticky label rótulo autoadhesivo
      • address label etiqueta con la dirección
      • If you were going to give away a T-shirt, no one much cared what it said on the label.
      • The first step is to discern which pieces should be dry-cleaned by reading the labels on your clothing.
      • Later in the station he photographed a label attached to the trouser leg.
      • If you put a care label under the brand label, it would really ruin the whole thing.
      • Empty bottles with attached labels are obtainable, but even they are expensive.
      • As a result people are growing fatter without realising it as they can still fit into clothes with ‘smaller’ size labels.
      • Be sure to read and understand all labels and information provided or required to be provided with materials that you may purchase, store, or use.
      • Read the label and patient information leaflet, provided with your medicine, carefully and always follow the instructions.
      • Finally, don't fret if your pattern size is larger than your ready-to-wear size - there won't be any size labels on the finished garment!
      • Aren't there any tags or labels inside the boot that could give us a hint?
      • Before taking any medicine, read the label and any accompanying information.
      • A toll-free phone number is available on the label for updated information on the industry's program.
      • Care labels and hangs tags were supplied by Rockywoods Outdoor Fabrics.
      • This, for anyone not in the know, is the surreptitious act of slapping size 10 labels on clothes that are really a 12.
      • Product labels provide information on safe handling and application.
      • After all, the majority of the consumers apparently do not pay much attention to the information given on the label.
      • The label contains valuable information for taking the medicine properly.
      • I stared at the size label hard and wondered if he would drown in it.
      • The first thing any of us look at when we pick up a piece of apparel is the label in the neck.
      • The Food Labelling Group recognised the concerns of consumers that there needed to be clearer information on labels in relation to allergens.
      • If you've checked the nutrition information on the label and thought the calorie, fat and sodium content seemed surprisingly low, check the serving size.
      • Washable rayon will state the care on the fabric label.
      • The label on the inside of my jeans tells me that I am just the right size for a man my age, that I should turn them inside out to wash them and to keep away from fire.
      • Some labels will carry information on the right calorific intake for an ‘average’ person, but that is not helpful for the many non-average consumers.
      • Check the garment's label for recommended wash temperature to prevent colors from fading and dyes from running.
      • However, manufacturers could be breaking the law if the information on labels is misleading to the public.
      • Sophie Lorimer, prosecuting, said that a security officer began tracking Rooney after seeing her remove price labels and security tags from items of clothing.
      • It was then that he noticed the label inside the pants.
      • My mother works part-time in a factory where she weighs chickens before sealing them in plastic and then attaching labels.
      • Representatives of the tax authorities said they have come across incidents when the excise labels had been attached to the bottles with adhesive tape or rubber bands.
      • The information panels and labels, on the other hand, are strongly ethnographic so that the exhibition can work at both levels.
      • First and foremost, always follow the cleaning instructions on your garment's label.
      • On the evidence label attached to the material was written the word ‘debris’.
      • The responsibilities of the food sector in producing safe food and providing accurate information on the label should be emphasised.
      • Our bin has been put out regularly on the date stipulated on the attached label.
      • Check labels on garments and other textile items and never dry with heat those items which warn against such drying lest a fire start.
      • The authority stressed that the information contained on food labels should be clear, unambiguous and must not make misleading or false claims.
      • But do I want to pay twice or three times the cost of a normal garment just to sport a brand label?
      • Check the label and care for them according to the manufacturer's instructions.
      • If a garment label says ‘washable,’ does that mean it can't be dry-cleaned?

    • 1.2(brand name)

      marca feminine

    • 1.3(record company)

      sello discográfico masculine
      • When signing with a major label, an artist's advance is expected to fund the recording of an album, with the balance going into the artist's pocket.
      • Our goal was to sell 10,000 in the first year, since the label is brand new and this is the first record out on it.
      • Perhaps of greater concern, this model would entail a radical rethinking of how record labels deliver products.
      • Artists sign with labels because they see it as the only way to sell albums and make a living.
      • Set up in the summer of 1998 in Paris, Active Suspension has become one of the most forward thinking record labels to come out of France.
      • Puff Daddy, Jay-Z, Nelly and other artists own their own labels or hold large executive rights.
      • I cannot imagine submitting my material to a label and having them reject my new work and refuse to release it.
      • And, some labels don't care about trends and release whatever they like - hoping that you'll like it too.
      • With the offices of major record labels closed and no one around to promote the music, it means that your label just doesn't care whether you succeed or fail.
      • Musicians and others concerned about rebellious music should work to create independent bands, record labels, venues, and stores.
      • Do you have plans to use the label to release material by bands other than yourselves?
      • This allows an artist or their label to know how many times a song is played and provides practical information that is crucial when a band approaches stores about retailing its music.
      • A few of those artists and labels are highlighted here, as well.
      • I look forward to forging an on-going dialogue with artist, labels, and others concerning this and all related issues.
      • It was up to the smaller independent labels to record and market new sounds.
      • Since then Migs has become one of the label's most visible artists.
      • We, as musicians, need the resources of record labels to promote our music.
      • So, for a city with no urban radio station, no artists signed to major labels, and no videos in heavy rotation, we seem to have a lot going for us.
      • At a major label, most artists are unlikely to earn anything unless they sell at least 1 million albums, and even then, they could wind up in debt.
      • When we started our record label, disco music was selling.

    • 1.4Computing

      etiqueta feminine
      • The lack of consistency in program labels and definitions nationwide creates a thorny obstacle to research synthesis.
      • To force the paradigm, Geoff Cohen was talking about a computer language where names and labels were outlawed.
      • The system creates a unique identifier or label for each stored object.
      • If there is a label in any given line, we save the label and the device filename in a hash.

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    etiqueta feminine
    • It is easy to stick a label on a group of people without getting to know them as individuals first.
    • He considered retiring from the movie scene when the Jack the Joker label stuck too firmly after the release of Batman.
    • And I always wondered why they tried to stick the angry label on him.
    • Both parties try to tag their opponents' policies with phrases and labels intended to place them in the most negative light.
    • But the label stuck and politically I was ‘right wing’.
    • Those of us who self-identify as being part of the left are constantly battling with the seemingly trivial issue of political labels.
    • If you try and argue about moral matters and talk about principles you'll get these labels attached to you.
    • I'm not so attached to the label of being ‘straight’ that I'm about to fight about it.
    • The disappeared have acquired names and faces and labels: The sister, the lover, the dental technician, the office cleaner, the oil executive.
    • You cannot stick labels on some relationships.
    • But as they point out, ‘most people would rather be referred to by their name than by a label.’
    • For now, the US seems to be avoiding the genocide label but is sticking with ethnic cleansing to describe the situation.
    • Won't some kids be stuck with a label very early on, when actually they might well change?
    • As everywhere, political labels were stuck on innumerable long-standing local antagonisms and vendettas and provided new justifications for pursuing them.
    • That was a fundamental contribution of Menzies and the label has stuck.
    • He expressed concern that Tralee has been described as a dirty town and he warned that the label will stick if the local people allow it to.
    • In parallel, in Austria the label of ‘degenerate artist’ meant Berg had to fight to the last for any musical freedom.
    • Honestly, I don't care about labels - liberal or conservative.
    • As in past case studies, we need to begin by handling sociocultural labels with care.
    • Does anybody really think that ‘homosexual’ as a label describes one specific biological condition and that every gay person is an identical clone?

transitive verblabelling, labelled, labeled, labeling

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    (bottle/file) etiquetar
    (bottle/file) rotular
    (bottle/file) ponerle una etiqueta a
    (luggage) ponerle una etiqueta a
    all his shirts were labeled todas sus camisas tenían una etiqueta con su nombre
    • I opened the drawer labeled 'samples' abrí el cajón con la etiqueta que decía 'muestras'
    • every box must be clearly labeled cada caja debe llevar una etiqueta que indique claramente su contenido
    • I looked more closely and saw that there were rows across labeled with the names of all the rooms.
    • Children's cubbies are usually labeled with their names.
    • He flipped the light on and noticed the bottle of pills, as well as the paper labeled with his name.
    • Hasted met me at his office, and showed me a drawer full of broken and bent spoons, each labeled with names and dates.
    • I shook my head as I flipped through the hanging outfits until I came to one labeled with my name.
    • For example, if syringes are not labeled with the name of the medication they contain, people inadvertently may give a patient the wrong medication.
    • Almost everything on the floor has a designated position and is labeled as such and is kept in that position.
    • Many doors lined the walls, and each door was labeled with the name of a place.
    • Workbook exercises are labeled to correspond neatly with the main text they support.
    • You cannot mark or label your package as containing firearms.
    • Each of the first entries is labelled with the name of the voice.
    • It was labelled with the name of one of the directors of the hotel.
    • On learning that the cancer had returned yet again she went about labelling her jewellery to be left to family and friends and writing letters for the family to be opened at Christmas knowing that she would no longer be with us.
    • These pictures are glued down to a large sheet of construction paper and the sheets are labeled with the name of the concept.
    • White lines on a black floor are labeled with names of streets.
    • Some tapes were labelled with the names of children and women and detailed information about the film, even whether the footage was light or dark.
    • The majority of the vehicles are labelled with essential details - model, brand and year - and in some cases special features are also mentioned.
    • Each light is labelled with its musical name as well as its scientific frequency.
    • Each one was labeled with the name of a crew member.
    • The roads are labeled with the names of animals: Hawk, Hen, Rabbit, Lion.
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    to label sth/sb (as) sth catalogar / calificar / etiquetar algo/a algn de algo
    • We need to accept that the majority of young people don't commit crime and those that do need help and support, rather than being labelled as bad or evil.
    • I think that it's fair to say that this book should really be labelled as a failed experiment, shelved, and forgotten about.
    • One of the reasons we made the film was to present a different picture of people who have been labelled as ‘mentally ill’ than normally appears in the media.
    • She says she was labelled as a ‘troublemaker’ in her small hometown.
    • Rangers star Ronald de Boer last night angrily labelled the one-year ban imposed on his brother Frank as a miscarriage of justice.
    • Nance, 26, of York, kept her gift a secret throughout her school days for fear of being labelled as ‘different’.
    • Many people around the world who were once labelled as terrorists are now regarded as international leaders or even statesmen.
    • While we choose not to be labelled as such, it behooves us to reflect on the sadness and self loathing we experience as a result of performing acts of escapism.
    • One is tempted to conclude that it reflects a fear that anyone who is publicly critical of the extent of the problems will be labelled as a racist or similar.
    • Measures designed to promote and protect local educational values could be labelled as ‘barriers to trade’.
    • There is a generation of activists that have been labelled as criminals for expressing dissent.
    • What really hurt them was being labelled as under-achievers.
    • A group of youths in Silsden are fed up being labelled as vandals and are working with Silsden Business Watch to find an area where they can ride their bikes.
    • The student who enters grad school intent on becoming a traditional humanist is the student who will be labelled as hopelessly unsophisticated by her peers and her professors.
    • Despite being labelled as weak Havering councillors were putting on a brave face and pointing out they were at least moving in the right direction.
    • A Brentwood mother has labelled the postal service appalling after an important parcel took almost three weeks to arrive.
    • On the other hand, you can risk being labelled as a mindless automaton by never going out on a limb and only writing about ‘safe’ things.
    • Even so, Taylor said that the playoffs are a new season and the team is striving for a national championship despite being labelled as underdogs.
    • But to have worked so hard, put so many hours in and sacrificed so much only to then be labelled as a racist is wrong.
    • Kingston Council has once again been labelled as an ‘excellent’ local authority.