Translation of labor in Spanish:


trabajo, n.

(British labour)

Pronunciation /ˈleɪbə//ˈleɪbər/


  • 1

    • 1.1(productive work)

      trabajo masculine
      (laws/dispute) (before noun) laboral
      to withdraw one's labor ir a la huelga
      • Department of Labor (in US) Ministerio de Trabajo
      • labor costs costo de la mano de obra
      • (in US) labor leader dirigente sindical
      • the labor market el mercado de trabajo
      • the labor movement el movimiento obrero
      • labor relations relaciones laborales
      • labor supply oferta de mano de obra
      • These objective changes in the world economy have undermined the post-war framework of labour protection and social measures.
      • The labor movement's political clout is waning with most red states having right to work laws that effectively ban unions.
      • The death of Glen Branagh is a warning to the labour movement and the working class that bloody sectarian conflict is not a thing of the past in Northern Ireland.
      • The result is that since the mid-1980s the organized labour movement was no longer a major social and political factor.
      • Fourth, the working class and labour movement, repressed, shackled, lacking independence, was no alternative.
      • For Trotsky, what determined his attitude to all tendencies within the Russian social democratic labor movement was their perspective, their program.
      • These developments have also resulted in a political and intellectual crisis within the labour movement.
      • The answer came when one delegate rose to address the notion of political action by the labour movement.
      • Next time, though, I'll be employing my teenage cousins to do the manual labour and keeping my hands out of the sink.
      • Most are low-end workers doing street-cleaning or other manual labor.
      • These subjects were agricultural workers with varying periods of manual labour in the field.
      • Steelworkers Canadian director Ken Neumann said the merger creates a new force in the Canadian labour movement, as well as in federal and provincial politics.
      • Since the start of the industrial revolution people have been paid a pittance for manual labor.
      • According to him, many unwaged Russians survive on handouts from friends and relatives, subsistence agriculture, casual labour, petty trading or petty crime.
      • These forces have also weakened labor movements in many other industrial countries.
      • That same impulse brought the entire Canadian labor movement out in force.
      • There is no section of the official labor movement that upholds the most elementary principles of working class solidarity.
      • The working class and the labour movement are not like they were in the 1970s.
      • From here we are treated to an account of Watson's rise through the political labour movement.
      • The men go off and look for casual labour during the day while women and children spend the day looking for shade.
      • The majority of migrant workers earn their living in the city by doing manual labour.
      • He looks to struggles independent of political parties, the official labour movement, or any other organised forces.
      • Without an understanding of the role of Stalinism and Social Democracy, the labour movement will not be able to turn once again to a socialist perspective.
      • For the past 25 years he has been documenting the immigrant experience in Canada, working class culture and the labour movement.
      • Over time Walesa became active in the underground labour movement and witnessed the repression of workers' protests in the 1970s.
      • But turning labour into a political force to be reckoned with in Alberta is a tall order, which McGowan clearly outlined in his paper.
      • Your situation highlights the tragedy of the American labor movement and the dilemma facing the working class today.

    • 1.2(workers)

      mano de obra feminine
      cheap labor mano de obra barata
      • organized labor sindicación
      • Wage-labour was essentially casual labour, as employed at harvest time.
      • In this society, his job was one of the few, in which people exactly performed manual labor.
      • Those who were less keen to compete for migrants could resort to convicts as casual labour.
      • Using casual labour has become a key means by which many employers seek to evade established standards.
      • The tile company had callously sacked 29 regular workers and replaced them with casual labour supplied by Skilled.
      • The Tories were keen to get rid of the National Dock Labour Scheme, which protected dockers from casual labour.
      • The company is planning to sell or lease the mine and operate it using casual labour and new technology.
      • The trade unions have made repeated warnings to Railtrack about the use of casual labour on the lines but to no avail.
      • Today there is a growing acceptance of illegal casual labour and a strong demand for it.
      • It also aims to replace a number of full-time workers with casual and part-time labour.
      • Unions say it puts the brakes on a 20-year trend towards casual labour, but employer groups are calling it a disappointing and costly precedent.
      • Excluding temporary manufacturing labor, 785,000 factory workers have lost their jobs over the past 11 months.
      • These people, gangmasters, have been around for years, bringing casual labour into the fields and exploiting a lot of farm workers for some time.
      • He said there would be real implications for his company when he employed casual or part-time labour, and brought staff in and out.
      • If the South was exceptional, it was not in worker resistance to organized labor, but employer resistance.
      • Coming to the London docks he was shocked at the misery and poverty of casual labour and organized a docker's union.
      • Their work will be contracted out to private companies that employ largely nonunion low-paid labor.
      • As a result, the place is being built with non-union labor.
      • I also defend our right to civil protest when city projects employ less qualified nonunion labor.
      • Some institutions contract the work out to casual labour with little continuity and stability for the student.

  • 2Labour

    los laboristas
    el Partido Laborista
    (candidate/policy) (before noun) laborista
    she voted Labor votó a / por los laboristas
    • Pollster Sol Lebovic from Newspoll, says this is a reality check for Labor.
    • At 4.15 am on Friday, Tony Blair became the first man ever to lead Labour to a third term.
    • At the moment in the 25 seat House of Assembly, Labor have 14, the Liberals seven and the Greens four.
    • I was joined a short time ago by Labor's Foreign Affairs Spokesman, Kevin Rudd.
    • In the Senate, Labor's John Faulkner asked for an explanation.
    • It is not the first time Tory James Gray and Labour's Tony Banks have clashed.
    • Labor's Trade Spokesman Stephen Conroy has denied that Labor has caved in.
    • They seem to think that the way to beat Labour is to be more Leftist than Labour!
    • Her victory means Labour now has 37 seats on Bradford Council, one more than the Tories.
    • Julie Flynn, the Chief Executive of Free TV Australia says Labor's ban is simplistic and won't work.
    • Chairman of the Labour Group, Coun Norma Lincoln, said Labour would fight back.
    • Concisely, here is the problem: Labor is the party of the Left.
    • Downing Street has the option of going with Prescott and Labour, or with Cameron and the Tories.
    • But Labor's Manager of Opposition Business in the Senate, Chris Evans, questions that.
    • South Swindon has a new Member of Parliament but the seat is still held by Labour.
    • Assuming all the above, and that Labor regains Cunningham, the Parliament would look like this.
    • The Government is using Labor's rules, after all, they say.
    • Pallet maker Richard Mulhall took the Illingworth seat from Labour's Zoe Marston.
    • Teresa Page was a hard-working councillor and Labour will be sad to see her go.
    • Okay, the Tories are gaining big from Labour and the Lib Dems in the South.
  • 3

    • 3.1(effort)

      esfuerzos masculine
      trabajo masculine

    • 3.2(task)

      labor feminine
      tarea feminine
      the twelve labors of Hercules los doce trabajos de Hércules

  • 4

    parto masculine
    a difficult labor un parto difícil
    • to be in labor estar de parto / en trabajo de parto
    • to go into labor entrar en trabajo de parto
    • before noun labor pains contracciones del parto
    • labor ward sala de partos
    • Kory's mom has been in labor for an hour and a half.
    • Measles in pregnancy can cause miscarriage, premature labour or a baby with low birth weight.
    • I was in labour for twenty-two hours with Evan Michael's brother.
    • It has long been the practice to allow family members to be present in labor and delivery.
    • Catherine suffered in labor for many hours, and finally the doctors had to perform a Caesarean section.
    • Fortunately, the body provides several clues that the onset of labor is approaching.
    • Low dose mobile epidurals are generally more attractive to women in labour than traditional epidural techniques.
    • She tells us tales of ambulances collecting women in labour to take them to the hospital delivery suites, only to be held up at a checkpoint where the women give birth.
    • Such rigorous application of the guidelines would, however, have resulted in antibiotics being given to 16% of all women in labour.
    • They also received 300 mg every three hours while in labor until delivery.
    • They can also improve your posture and strengthen your abdominal muscles for labor and delivery.
    • It says that cerebral palsy is almost never caused by fetal distress in labor.
    • An HIV specialist should be contacted immediately if the diagnosis is made in labour.
    • Both Lamaze and Bradley encourage partner participation in labor and delivery.
    • The challenge for obstetricians is to make sure that options for safe delivery are not limited for women who experience complications in labour.
    • By the time Michael had called them, Jamie had already been in labor four hours.
    • The pregnancy went smoothly and Mrs Filer gave birth after being in labour for five hours.
    • Both women spent four hours in labour and both gave birth to baby daughters.
    • The drug prostaglandin is injected into the womb and this causes it to contract strongly as in labour.
    • Red raspberry leaves are used to enhance uterine contractions once labor is initiated.

transitive verb

  • 1

    he did rather labor the subject se extendió farragosamente sobre el tema

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(toil)

      to labor for a cause luchar / trabajar por una causa
      • to labor at sth trabajar incansablemente en algo

    • 1.2(work as laborer)

      he got a job laboring/a laboring job consiguió un trabajo de peón

  • 2

    (engine) ahogarse
    (ship) bambolearse
    he labored up the hill subió trabajosamente / penosamente la cuesta
    • he was laboring under the misapprehension / delusion that … se engañaba pensando que …