Translation of laboratory in Spanish:


laboratorio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈlæbrəˌtɔri//ləˈbɒrəˌt(ə)ri//ˈlab(ə)rəˌt(ə)ri/

nounPlural laboratories

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    laboratorio masculine
    before noun laboratory animals animales de laboratorio masculine
    • laboratory equipment equipo de laboratorio
    • laboratory experiment experimento de laboratorio
    • laboratory test prueba de laboratorio
    • Once the virus samples arrived from Hong Kong the experiment and laboratory analysis took only two weeks.
    • So far the discussion concerns laboratory studies and simulations and can be considered largely theoretical.
    • Only a few examples have been described, all based on laboratory experiments in which a large part of the shoot was removed.
    • Thus, the list of species studied in his laboratory ranges from planaria to mammals.
    • The predictions of these models are in agreement with results from laboratory studies.
    • The life cycle of the tapeworm can be readily completed under laboratory conditions.
    • The summer programs at the various laboratories will run from late May to mid-August, fall programs run from August through December and spring programs from January through May.
    • Much has been learned about sleep from laboratory studies of non-human animals.
    • West Nile virus has been reported in laboratory workers exposed to infected animals.
    • Save for contrived laboratory studies with bacteria and fruit flies, it cannot be witnessed.
    • Competition is certainly one environmental circumstance rarely provided in laboratory experiments.
    • The spectral variability of natural materials has been known for a long time from laboratory studies.
    • In general, laboratory studies seem to be able to predict extremely well the behaviour of lichens in their natural habitat.
    • This is typically an instance where people taking part in laboratory experiments appear to act irrationally.
    • The concept of hormones triggered a new experimental approach in laboratory science.
    • The US group was known chiefly as a breeder of animals such as rats for laboratory experiments until it bought Inveresk last year.
    • Now I wouldn't want to be quoted as saying that animals that live in laboratory cages are having a wonderful time.
    • Health benefits are often documented in laboratory studies of animals other than humans.
    • Initial laboratory studies may include a complete blood cell count and urinalysis.
    • We believe that the results of analysis of body fluids and laboratory experiments are obvious.