Translation of labyrinthine in Spanish:


laberíntico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌlabəˈrɪnθʌɪn//ˌlæb(ə)ˈrɪnˌθin//ˌlæb(ə)ˈrɪnθɪn//ˌlæb(ə)ˈrɪnˌθaɪn/


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    • Inside the art deco cinema building, dating from the British colonial era, a labyrinthine network of corridors, barely wide enough for two people to pass, has been built.
    • In the labyrinthine back alleys of Kabul, a rusted iron gate and a hand-painted sign mark the entrance to Alam Faizad School, where 4,000 children are enrolled for the first week of classes.
    • You are already lost in its labyrinthine alleys.
    • Rendon Photography and Fine Art, Garcia Glass, Bower Gallery and Isaac Maxwell Metal are among the galleries found along Southtown's labyrinthine streets.
    • We have been warned about Aleppo's honey-tongued vendors, but are unprepared for the wonders of the souks - a labyrinthine network of dark passageways, which form the world's biggest covered market.
    • Backstage, hidden away in its unseen archives, labyrinthine corridors and a warren of dark store-rooms are more clues to the lives of Nicholas and Alexandra.
    • A guide can bring her (for a small fee, of course) through its labyrinthine winding laneways and streets, few of which still exist in the modern world.
    • Squirrelled away on a mountainside a couple of miles out of town, this is a labyrinthine and deliciously old - fashioned collection of baths and treatment rooms.
    • Issues facing the bazaar are manifold, just like its labyrinthine alleys.
    • And in the vodka bars in the capital's labyrinthine streets the locals will huddle around the televisions tonight waiting for a bulletin on how he has done.
    • Sheppards House is one of those labyrinthine '60s blocks where the steps are always damp and you can live next to your neighbours for years without ever bumping into them.
    • Eventually, after several twists and turns though the labyrinthine hallways, they came to Room 83-34.
    • Through re-examining these lost moments of time spent wandering the labyrinthine cityscape, Onda has processed and tweaked aspects of the captured fragments and played them back in real time.
    • Much later, in 1782, during a succession of bloody battles with Spain, the British were forced to burrow the famous Great Siege Tunnels - whose labyrinthine passageways can still be explored.
    • He had a destination in mind and he was not about to get lost in the labyrinthine alleyways and side streets.
    • The red sandstone block I am heading for is equally labyrinthine: a network of stunted corridors and dark stairwells.
    • On his travels through the dark, labyrinthine streets of Victorian London, he also meets and falls in love with prostitute Mary Kelly.
    • The town's labyrinthine streets and alleys are dotted with ancient churches and neat rows of elegant 16 th-century mansions.
    • Chinguetti, a town that sits on the edge of an immense sea of sand like a harbour village, is a sprawl of labyrinthine streets and walled courtyards.
    • Whether it be in the labyrinthine corridors of Hamadan, the brash, bustling alleys of Shiraz or the glass-fronted shops of Isfahan it's really the same.