Translation of lace in Spanish:


encaje, n.

Pronunciation /leɪs//leɪs/


  • 1

    • 1.1(fabric)

      encaje masculine
      (as border) puntilla feminine
      (curtains/handkerchief) (before noun) de encaje
      • While males worked as tailors of men's clothing, female slaves and freedwomen sewed dresses and made lace in the households and dressmaking establishments of the period.
      • Here's what you get when you mix luxurious silk with a lace trim and fine ribbon lacing.
      • Upon her bed was a gown of light blue silk trimmed with white lace and satin bows running from the neck to the waist.
      • If you prefer something more feminine, create fabric corsages with a strip of thin material such as lace or silk.
      • Maybe it was her exhaustion settling in, but the thick layers of silk and lace were as comforting as a pile of blankets fresh out of the dryer.
      • Inside, the decor is New England simplicity: perfectly laundered white cotton curtains edged in lace, pine furniture and iron bedsteads.
      • She went for the white one which featured lace and silk, but had no veil.
      • The shapes are a lot more feminine, the fabrics - taffeta, silk and lace - are a lot more feminine, and there are more textures involved.
      • Croft looked around, taking in the bright, sand-coloured walls, the cream drapes, the fine lace curtains about the windows.
      • The young actor held a large white handkerchief trimmed with lace over his nose and mouth.
      • The white silk and lace skirt hung low, leaving her midsection bare, and was flared slightly from the hips.
      • She had dressed in a simple dark-blue dress with a white satin belt and lace collar.
      • This outfit may be completed by a hat of lace or other fine cloth.
      • Italy's handcrafted products include fine laces, linens, glass, pottery, carved marble, leather, and gold and silver work.
      • Some varieties have leaves reminiscent of lace or needlepoint.
      • Some of these packets were made of lace, others of cotton.
      • On their wedding day, Elaine would wear white silk with lace.
      • The back had a beautiful train of both lace and silk, which trailed four feet behind her when she walked.
      • I suspect some of the lace on sale is manufactured by Chinese peasants copying Burano-Venetian lace patterns.
      • Her jeans and black shirt were replaced by a dress of blue velvet, cream silk and white lace.

    • 1.2Military
      (on uniform)

      galón masculine
      • It had simple, white lace along the collar and at the ends of the elbow length sleeves.
      • There was gold lace down the seams on the sides of the arms showing skin.
      • Her thick dark hair is pulled back and straightened, and she wears a long sea-foam green dress covered in ivory lace.
      • Gold lace became confined to flag officers in both dress and undress uniforms; captains wore it only in full dress.
      • Henceforth Bentham always wore his green coat with scarlet lapels, scarlet waistcoat with gold lace, and white breeches.
      • I had worn a little blue velvet jacket with gold lace and now I clutched it possessively.
      • The flashing gold epaulettes and gold lace on his 18th century naval uniform have been made by Wyedean Weaving.
      • She sat before the organ wearing a simple black dress, no lace, no detail.
      • She was a tall woman, dressed in a bright purple dress with lace, a dark blue shawl thrown about her shoulders and a black hat on her bright red hair.
      • The dress was full of lace and ribbons and was satiny.
      • She was indeed a vision in powder blue silk, the bodice of the dress enhanced with lace and even more pearls.
      • The dress was tight at the waist and the bodice was decorated with black lace from the waistline up to the low neckline.
      • She wore a white dress edged with lace and puffed sleeves, white shoes on her feet.
      • Today, she had chosen a modest blue dress with tiny bits of lace at the bodice, sleeves, and hem.
      • Cindy had the decency to get dressed, at least, although she was dressed in a ridiculously glamorous dress with lace and frills.

  • 2shoelace

    • 2.1

      cordón (de zapato) masculine
      agujeta feminine Mexico
      pasador masculine Peru
      your laces are undone tienes los cordones de los zapatos desamarrados Latin America River Plate

    • 2.2(cord)

      cordón masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (boots/shoes) acordonar
    (boots/shoes) ponerles los cordones a
    (boots/shoes) ponerles las agujetas a Mexico
    (boots/shoes) ponerles los pasadores a Peru
  • 2

    lace the cord through the holes pase el cordón por los agujeros
  • 3

    (fortify, spice)
    to lace sth with sth
    • he laced my drink with vodka me echó un chorro de vodka en la bebida
    • the dessert was laced with liqueur el postre estaba rociado de licor
    • a story laced with wit and irony una historia con una buena dosis de chispa e ironía
  • 4

    (mark, streak)
    to be laced with sth estar surcado de algo

intransitive verb

  • 1

    amarrarse Latin America River Plate