Translation of lace-up in Spanish:


acordonado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈleɪs ˌəp///


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    (shoe) acordonado
    • He patted his chest where the medallion was hidden beneath his white lace-up shirt.
    • I have a great pair of brown lace-up shoes, but I just don't know what to wear them with.
    • Taking off the lid, he brought out a pair of the grimmest black lace-up school shoes I had ever seen in my life.
    • From the start, she dressed me in overalls and lace-up shoes.
    • Her shoes, rather fancy lace-up boots with moderate heels, clanked loudly as she ran up.
    • She had small, white lace-up sandals and a dark blue tie in her hair.
    • She held up a skirt, a loose blouse, and a vest-like object, as well as a pair of lace-up boots.
    • The lace-up corset, which was easily laced alone, made a woman's job at dressing easier for she wouldn't need any help lacing up the corset.
    • She pulled on a pair of black lace-up ankle boots that gave her two or three inches of height.
    • I think the answer lies in tweed jackets and lace-up boots.
    • They wore ruby-coloured silk dresses, with lace-up backs, and carried hand-tied bouquets of cream roses.
    • It has Victorian lace-up knee boots for £375, which sounds expensive, but you do get an exact fit, and you can choose the colour, leather and heel height.
    • Choose lace-up shoes instead of slip-ons, and keep the laces tied.
    • It is also worth mentioning that Cheney was wearing hiking boots - thick, brown, lace-up ones.
    • Her gray wool dress came to her ankles, which were encased in tall lace-up black shoes.
    • He was wearing a pair of those Prada calf-high, lace-up, black leather boots.
    • That said, slip into style with this pair of brown leather lace-up shoes from Camper.
    • The man was wearing a salmon pink shirt, blue-green vest, a dark suit jacket, grey Levi jeans and black lace-up shoes.
    • He stared at her lace-up boots and followed the black, leather-clad body upwards with his eyes.
    • One of the most popular looks of the season is the lace-up ankle boot.



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    (shoe) zapato acordonado masculine
    (boot) bota acordonada feminine
    • Barney's are charging $640 for these platform lace-ups by Fendi.