Translation of lacrosse in Spanish:


lacrosse, n.

Pronunciation /ləˈkrɔs//ləˈkrɒs/


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    lacrosse masculine
    • And they perform far more skillfully in soccer, lacrosse and softball than they do in basketball.
    • The game has been called the king of one-horse sports and is described as a mix of polo and lacrosse.
    • Now of course, this game wasn't called lacrosse by native Americans; they had all sorts of different names for it.
    • Even someone who has never played the game can find lacrosse quite entertaining.
    • The ancient game of lacrosse has been hit by the soccer disease - violence.
    • Why was the Duke lacrosse team allowed to play two games before its season was suspended?
    • Even in indoor lacrosse they dress like hockey goalies, with a huge chest protector and huge gloves.
    • For Georgie, 24, a keen sportswoman who has played both volleyball and lacrosse competitively, her new post also fulfils a dream.
    • He told me once that he thought he was even better at lacrosse than at football.
    • A dozen Queen Margaret's School, Escrick, students have been selected for the county's hockey and lacrosse teams.
    • In addition, he has been a volunteer coach for youth athletics in football, basketball and lacrosse.
    • Shinty, lacrosse and, my personal favourite, hockey, are all played and watched by large number of Scots every week.
    • When I was at school and we played lacrosse, our teacher made a rule that only people not on the school team could score.
    • For instance, how would Sir Alex have responded if the local lacrosse team had kicked his players off their training pitch?
    • He was captain of his ski and lacrosse teams and senior-class president.
    • I coached football and lacrosse at State University of New York at Albany.
    • She dons lots of Adidas and, whether playing lacrosse, tennis, soccer or hoops, she's always on the ball!
    • We are playing some good lacrosse, but we are letting ourselves down by not competing for the full 80 minutes.
    • I was more of a hockey, tennis and lacrosse person at school.
    • The club, originally formed in 1872, hosts cricket, tennis, hockey, squash, racquet ball and lacrosse.