Translation of lacuna in Spanish:


laguna, n.

Pronunciation /ləˈk(j)unə//ləˈkjuːnə/

nounPlural lacunae, Plural lacunas


  • 1

    laguna feminine
    • If the lacuna is to be filled, Parliament must do it, not the Courts.
    • However, this important work need not be justified on the basis of its filling a lacuna in past literature.
    • This volume, with contributions by some of the leading scholars in the field, seeks to fill in the lacunae in both areas.
    • The interesting thing with pattern, to take the metaphor of the weaving one step further, is that given an overview of a pattern we can fill in the lacunae, and at times we only need a fragment to apprehend the whole.
    • In order for some course of action to count as one of my alternatives, it must be a course of action that I would regard as possible even if all such mistakes had been corrected, and all the relevant lacunae in my knowledge filled.
    • There are many lacunae in the existing laws of the land, he said.
    • Nevertheless, whatever the terminology employed, the fact remains that gaps or lacunae have been filled by resort to those principles.
    • It is precisely in this area that the present study has attempted to fill an important lacuna in the research literature on abstinence-based pregnancy prevention programs.
    • Thorne's work fills an obvious lacuna in British social history.
    • This reasoning in the Minister's speech, if it is legitimate to refer to it at all, does not show that the new section filled a lacuna in the previous statute.
    • With many European metal bands not choosing to incorporate folkish melodies, there existed a lacuna waiting to be filled.
    • Wolf-Wendel and her colleagues fill an important lacuna in the literature, examining dual-career policies from the perspective of institutions and policy makers rather than the individuals who utilize them.
    • He has suggested that the time may now be ripe for the passage of a Council regulation to cope with the existing lacunae of Community law on state aids.
    • Fill the lacunae in your inspiration by tidily copying out what you have already written.
    • Lance Hill's book is the first full account of the group and fills a major lacuna in the history of the era and the movement.
    • In this provocative study, Newhauser fills a lacuna in historical scholarship even as he provides insight for the nonhistorian.
    • Despite this concern, the duo remain extremely adept at creating lacunae at the heart of their music, spaces into which you can project your own feelings and memories.
    • The new book by Don Coerver and Linda Hall, Tangled Destinies: Latin America and the United States will go a long way to fill this lacunae.
    • Thus, divergent growth apparently prompted offsetting, in order for the coral to maintain the lacuna and occupy the space around it.
    • Marg's new book is an attempt to fill the lacuna, and comes 25 years after an earlier study titled Homage to Jaipur.