Translation of ladies' man in Spanish:

ladies' man

donjuán, n.


  • 1

    donjuán masculine
    he's a bit of a ladies' man le gustan las faldas
    • No ring-kissing, no mafia hits, but quite a lady's man, and throughout his marriage he had a tolerant wife of the old school, so you surmise the rest.
    • A notorious ladies' man who drove an old station wagon, Drescher, who lived on the property, often mingled with the artists who turned the stark shantytown into Santa Monica's equivalent of the Soho District.
    • He was by nature a great ladies' man, and like most deep adorers of the sex, never tied up his freedom of general worship by making one willful sacrifice of himself at the altar.
    • He seems nice and definitely like a lady's man.
    • For starters, the usually charismatic Clooney is relatively subdued, appearing as a broken, vulnerable man from the outset, and a million miles away from the smooth-talking ladies' man of old.
    • Michael is a lady's man and had many partners before.
    • Morgan stresses that ‘Perrot was popularly held to be his [Henry's] son, being large in frame, choleric in temper, tyrannical in government and a lady's man by inclination’ .
    • I'd thought he was a lady's man but it turned out he was more of a money man.
    • When I was growing up, my father was the ultimate ladies' man.
    • Quite the lady's man, Zach plays hard, and lives his life of privilege to the max.
    • I am by no means a player or a lady's man; quite the opposite, in fact.
    • Mike was definitely the lady's man of the group, and the others had a lot to thank him for, if he hadn't attracted so many women, they probably wouldn't have gotten as much action as they did by taking his leftovers.
    • After playing a lady's man for many years, Buchholz reportedly admitted to the weekly Bunte magazine in 2000 that he had bisexual tendencies.
    • Kalvyn was telling another one of his jokes about how he, the great Kalvyn Jemara, was the consummate ladies' man.
    • Alex was a lady's man, and the second he left Hugo, I would undoubtedly be forgotten and he'd move onto the next flavor of the week.
    • Anthony was a rum lad and a ladies' man, but he wasn't violent.
    • Being the suave ladies' man that he is, Marty inflates the condom like a balloon, then lets go of it, sending it flying over the shower wall.
    • I've heard lots of stories about how he's such a ladies' man and womanizer.
    • Reluctantly charmed by the brittle, vulnerable widow, Buddy the smooth-talking ladies' man, softens into something approaching a family guy, but never gets around to telling Abby about his contribution to her bereavement.
    • If I remember correctly Brett you were a lady's man as well.