Translation of lair in Spanish:


guarida, n.

Pronunciation /lɛr//lɛː/


  • 1

    guarida feminine
    • We aren't too deep in the forest, and more often than not, the wild beasts do not come this far out from their lairs and dens.
    • Bilbo enters the dragon's lair, and steals a golden cup for them.
    • Since the world's vegetation was beginning its final decay, and the animals retreating into their lairs, food would be set out for the spirits of the dead, to help tide them over the dark of the year.
    • If she hesitates, the male again pops in and out of his lair until she is finally tempted inside.
    • Handfishers then dive down and reach into the underwater lairs, hoping that a monster ‘cat’ will chomp on the proffered bait - the noodler's hand.
    • As it is an offence to kill or ‘knowingly disturb’ an otter, the developers will now have to construct a replacement holt - an underground lair - for the animals.
    • Of 15 seal lairs found from 19 to 31 March, six had collapsed roofs.
    • There he saw that his dogs had roused a wild boar from its lair, and he set off on a chase.
    • What a desolation it has become, a lair for wild animals!
    • A musky smell hangs in the air-not unpleasant, but more suggestive of a mammal's lair than a bird's nest.
    • He would build his own dens from what was available or send his female accomplice out to look for empty animal lairs, sometimes she found them, others times she didn't.
    • The sites were the lairs of Allosaurus, places to which adults brought food to feed their offspring.
    • Rabbits and foxes took to their burrows and lairs and were killed.
    • Each December and January, rainstorms drench the parched South African landscape and summon African bullfrogs from their subterranean lairs.
    • This is when the fish leave their reef lairs and congregate by the thousands on traditional spawning banks to the seaward side of the reef.
    • Otters have been spotted on the River Calder, in Dewsbury, after a new holt - a lair - was built to try to encourage them to breed.
    • So dark would it be that the birds would return to their nests, while nocturnal animals would emerge from their lairs.
    • Dacoits and wild beasts from the surrounding forests used it as their lair.
    • Trips to refuges like Montezuma or Jamaica Bay are revelatory, but ultimately, we're trespassers, traipsing callously through the beasts' lairs.
    • We noted one area just south of Misty Island where the snow cover over a large (but uncounted) number of birth lairs and breathing holes was washed away or had collapsed because of the rain.